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I help turn teachers into edupreneurs


I help turn teachers into edupreneurs

My name is Vince Massara, I am a proud high school teacher, and I love helping people. In hindsight, I guess that is what drew me to teaching. 

Now I want to help teachers finally start their side hustle and escape the confinement of the four walls the classroom can offer. I started my first business on a whim with Australian bow tie label, Why Knot Ties, where I was able to spread my entrepreneurial wings. What began as a way to give people that extra bit of confidence when they dress in the morning turned into something a lot more.  And as a result, my teaching improved. A lot. I was solving new problems, learning new skills and failing every day; It was my genius hour. I fell in love with starting a business and wanted to give every teacher the opportunity to break through their glass ceiling. 

Furthermore, by 2020, 50% of jobs will be freelance, and the education system is not positioning students to survive in a gig economy. 

The time is now for teachers to learn entrepreneurial skills. 

So, in 2018, I started helping teachers with their entrepreneurial journey from finding their business idea, to selling teaching resources, to balancing their lifestyle and creating the habits of success.


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