Ed Challinor

CEO and co-founder of Smileworks Liverpool


CEO and co-founder of Smileworks Liverpool

I am the CEO, co-founder and business analyst at Smileworks, Liverpool's most popular dental practice.  We have grown in less than 3 years from £0-1.5M and from 2 - 22 staff, dentists and specialists. 

We're doubling in size again in 2018 and I have built our patient base with inbound and SEO, Facebook marketing and an enterprise-level fully integrated and automated marketing system. 

I'm a Moz Specialist and write for SEM rush, Virgin, The Daily Mail, Smallbusiness.co.uk, and tons of other sites about all things marketing and business. 


AnalysisSEOSmall Buisness FinanceOutboundUXDIrect Response and talent aquisition / management.
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