Babatunde Olayinka Tobiloba

An aspiring footballer, Freelance writer, Blogger, and an Entrepreneur


An aspiring footballer, Freelance writer, Blogger, and an Entrepreneur

As a Proficient Freelannce Writer, I have the ability to assimilate, create, and convey technical materials in a concise and effective manner. My specialty lies in content editing (LinkedIn Profile), blogs creation, articles generation, short stories and scripts writing. This has also equipped me with all good qualities a product advertiser should possess (I do reviews).

My assignment as a writer is to create an effective technical documentation, analyze the purpose which the documentation should portray, and to make sure that a  communication strategy aims to positively persuade readers, by helping them understand new things. And, never, should you see me as the “Know-it-all Angel,” feel free to correct me, anytime.

Ask me about sports (Football and Basketball), Motivation, Reviews, and

As a problem solver, my goal is to help eradicate all issues that serve as a hindrance to your success. Work with me, and top-quality contents await you.

Are you looking for a highly motivated, savvy copywriter and a marketing consultant? I would like to be your day-to-day freelance writer. I have strong organizational and analytical skills to create memorable contents, let’s connect.

Let me stretch out my professional offer, by helping you write something worth reading, or you could do something worth writing by requesting for my service.


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