Nyrdy.com: The Startup for Nerds On-Demand. Smart new remote support service is seeking marketing strategy advice from the AMA community, for our Aug. 25th Launch date.

Aug 8, 2018

Nyrdy is currently in beta and will launch on August 25th (Nyrdy.com). We’ve created an “Uber for Remote Tech Support” service model that has seen huge interest during our testing phase. Our mission to simplify and disrupt status-quo tech support is resonating with technicians that want to make extra cash on the side, as well as our customers that are receiving white-glove tech support service at an average of 10 bucks per fix.

We've created something amazing, this discussion is focused around "now what"? How do we get the word out?

We are searching for networking opportunities that would help us to make the connections that are necessary for a budding startup to grow into its full potential. Please feel free to ask anything about our progress thus far, and our plans for the future, or anything else as well. 

More background on Nyrdy.com:

We only onboard “Nyrds” that share our values, and our feedback and incentive algorithms promote continuous quality improvement within our service ecosystem that effectively makes our service better every day. Our mission is focused on exceptional service and simplicity. We've made the remote support process extremely simple. No yearly subscriptions, contracts, phone calls, etc. A customer can be in a session with a Nyrd in under a minute. Tech support professionals that want to join the Nyrdy family and make some extra cash can also sign up for our interview process on the home page in two clicks. Simple.




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How do you remain abreast of new developments in technology?
Aug 10, 7:45PM EDT0
How would you summarize your digital marketing strategy philosophy so far?
Aug 9, 10:57AM EDT0
What are the differences between managing people and managing ideas?
Aug 9, 7:43AM EDT0
Do you think that the marketing leaders can be better mentors and true leaders of their teams? If so, how and why?
Aug 9, 6:58AM EDT0
How do you increase marketing’s relevance and influence in your startup?
Aug 9, 6:44AM EDT0
What are the biggest challenges or risks while doing remote support?
Aug 9, 1:24AM EDT0
From your experience, how often companies are using remote support and for which purposes?
Aug 8, 8:59PM EDT0

Hi Yanine, 

Companies utilize remote support tools to help customers navigate issues on their PC or mobile devices. From virus removal, to training a customer how to configure their laptop to not go to sleep when they close the lid. We also see customers that need help navigating social media platforms, or installing new devices. 

From a marketing perspective, as a customer, what would make you feel comfortable enough to use our service for the first time?

Aug 8, 9:23PM EDT0
How do you provide secure remote access? What are security-related remote access problems and how to avoid them?
Aug 8, 8:12PM EDT0

Hi Mar,

We do not currently utlize remote control tools, although we do use remote view. Remote control access problems might arise from utilizing a non-SSL connection, which we do not use. All Nyrdy.com traffic is encrypted with 256 bit SSL encryption, end to end. From a marketing perspective, as a customer, what would make you feel comfortable enough to use our service for the first time?

Aug 8, 9:20PM EDT0
What industry certifications do you have?
Aug 8, 4:38PM EDT0

Hi Adri, I'm currently a CIO, and have 15 years of experience in the technical service industry. I received a BBA in Corporate Management and Operations & Enterprise Resource Management. PCC Leadership Program graduate with a focus on analysis of complex and controversial issues, business leadership, civic and legislative involvement, and problem-solving and decision-making strategies. More importantly, I'm a dad to two teenagers and one pre-teen, and I've been married for 15 years to a rock star mom and wife. I also play guitar and have traveled and recorded with multiple top ten Christian Rock bands. 🤘

Last edited @ Aug 8, 6:43PM EDT.
Aug 8, 5:45PM EDT0
Can you share what IT infrastructure you have set up or supported in the past and what problems you have experienced during their setup?
Aug 8, 3:17PM EDT0
What could go wrong when trying to solve a problem over the phone? How do you avoid these issues?
Aug 8, 2:05PM EDT0

Many things could go wrong such as internet connectivity loss, session disconnection, or other technical issues. We've done a good job at coding for these contingencies to address them in the event that they do happen. From a non-technical perspective, we might deal with language barriers or other types of challanges, and we will handle these events on a one on one basis. 

Aug 8, 5:08PM EDT0
What’s your experience with data backup and disaster recovery? Do you also provide these services to your clients?
Aug 8, 1:51PM EDT0

Hi Deanne, 

I've got extensive experience in these two areas. We can provide these services to our clients through evaluation, product recommendation, and training, but we do not offer an in house software solution. 

From a marketing perspective, as a customer, what would make you feel comfortable enough to use our service for the first time?

Aug 8, 5:06PM EDT0
Do you have a sales force to represent and sell your product or service directly to your customers or are you going to outsource it further? Why are the reasons for your choice?
Aug 8, 10:15AM EDT0

Currently no sales force. We will be utilizing some paid FB targeted marketing, and encouraging word of mouth. Nyrdy.com is currently in beta, and will launch on August 25th. We'd love to see you on the platform! 

Aug 8, 5:03PM EDT0
Who is the brain behind Nyrdy.com? What made you think of starting a nerd based startup service? What are you offering?
Aug 8, 9:01AM EDT0

Hey Mel, I thought of the idea after to listening to a podcast by Tim Ferriss. I wanted to launch a startup in this industry because I've got 15 years of experience in it and I am very comfortable operating in this space. We offer remote video support (sometimes through screen sharing) to anyone who has a technical question or issue that they need help with. Check it out here: nyrdy.com/ After taking a look at the site, let me know if you've got any feedback or marketing tips... as a customer, what could we do to make you feel comfortable enough to use our service for the first time? 

Aug 8, 5:01PM EDT0
There are many tech support companies around the world who are known to take advantage of customers by scaring them with fake virus when it's just browser related glitch. What do you think about such gimmicks and how do you separate your company from such false services?
Aug 8, 7:27AM EDT0

Our Nyrds are not incentivized by product sales. They are incentivized by the post session feedback score, as this drives the percentage of income that they can make. We also heavily screen our nyrds before they are onboarded onto the platform, and have a zero tolerance lifetime ban policy for violators. What marketing methods can you think of that would drive you to utilize a service like Nyrdy.com? 

Aug 8, 4:57PM EDT0
How is a threat different from a vulnerability and how can customers identify this?
Aug 8, 4:11AM EDT0

A vulnerability is a weaknesses or gap in a program or system that can be exploited by threats to gain unauthorized access to an asset (PC, mobile device, thermostat, iot, etc.).Do you happen to have any thoughts on marketing strategies for our service Nyrdy.com

Aug 8, 4:54PM EDT0

How was Nyrdy born? Who got the idea, how did you decide to launch your service?

Aug 7, 11:24PM EDT0

Jatinder,I've been in the corporate technical support industry for 15 years, and I've built multiple IT departments from the ground up, solely focusing around doing IT differently than the rest of the world; an incredibly focused user experience approach.  Customer service is always our top priority, which drives insanely good tech support. After doing this multiple times with different organizations, I decided to introduce it to the rest of the world in a medium that is extremely scalable. I've been blessed to work with an amazing coder, who is awesome at bringing our ideas to life. We've created something truly special, that can change the face of the tech support industry. We just need to find a way to rise above the online noise and show it to folks. Do you have any ideas?  

Aug 8, 4:51PM EDT0
How do you go about choosing between two or more critical budgetary items within an organization such as computers, headsets etc?
Aug 7, 11:00PM EDT0

Roman, I'm not sure we are there yet over at Nyrdy.com, but in that situation I'd identify which item provided the most value to our customers, and identify backend ROI. 

Aug 8, 4:39PM EDT0

What are some of the problems that many of your customers have, and what solutions can you provide to them in the form of a product or service?

Aug 7, 3:09PM EDT0

Thanks for the question Bheem. Nyrdy.com is currently in beta, and will launch on August 25th. We'd love to see you on the platform! 

Aug 8, 4:38PM EDT0

What are your strategies to generate leads? 

Aug 7, 2:57PM EDT0

We are currently providing guest posts to blogs, reaching out to blog contributors, building relationships on social media/ DM, Posting in forums and other online communities and social platform groups. We could use some help here though. I'm concerned that we are going to have a large batch of technicians logged into the platform on Aug. 25th, with not enough customers for them to help... Ideas? 

Aug 8, 4:37PM EDT0
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