Nice lady raising money to register company and new tool. Ask Me Anything :)

Wioleta Moniuszko
Sep 9, 2017

Hi :)

I`m Wioleta Moniuszko. I`m here because I need little help with GoFundMe. 

Because of health issue, I started learning by myself how to make games. For PC and Android. I'm learning from books and from Youtube. I spend about 10-12 hours per day for it. It's my passion. For now, I need to register my company. Because of taxes. Also for Google Play Store. The next thing is rendering an UV Maps, and light maps. I have a very old PC. So sometimes it`s just impossible. If you want to know more or help, please check this link: https://www.gofundme.com/wioletamoniuszko

If you want a quick response - ASK ME ANYTHING !

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What are “launch modes”?

Sep 18, 9:53PM EDT0

Matthew Dawson already asked about it :) standard, singleTop, singleTask and singleInstance :)

Sep 19, 8:29AM EDT0

Have you made any money from your games so far?

Sep 10, 11:54PM EDT1

Yes, and I explain for Lauren Lopez. Look a little bit down.

Sep 11, 2:44AM EDT0

Once you have the necessary tools, how long will it take you to be able to market and sell your games?

Sep 9, 9:35AM EDT1

My games are on Steam, So i need to rebuild them and update. Rebuild one game will be about one month. But they are still in the market so they wil earning money. Not a lot, but after rebuild I will make a some campaign to show thoose games in new concept and promote it on twitter and youtube. And made same sale to have a trust.

Sep 9, 10:19AM EDT0

I admire your attitude, however how realistic do you believe it is that you will be able to make money from your games?

Sep 9, 8:11AM EDT1

Hi ! Those 2 games are my first games, without any experience, with low computer. I invested already 1 500 euro for the 3d models. But my games are not pretty because I can`t render everything as well as should be.  Also I had a few peyments from ads, (virtual sky) on my VR games. So I think, i have a potential but I need a help with my old machine.

Sep 9, 8:20AM EDT0

Which genre are you making games for?

Sep 9, 5:42AM EDT1

I made already medievals and shooters :)

Sep 9, 5:50AM EDT0

How did you get into this line of work?

Sep 9, 5:07AM EDT1

I just start learning. From morning to evening. Working, working and working once again :)

Sep 9, 5:10AM EDT0

What are “launch modes”?

Sep 9, 4:14AM EDT1

standard, singleTop, singleTask and singleInstance :)

Sep 9, 4:26AM EDT0

Do you have any examples of what you've done?

Sep 9, 1:24AM EDT1

On my  YouTube Channel :)

Sep 9, 1:47AM EDT0

What is the difference between Service and IntentService? How is each used?

Sep 8, 6:51PM EDT1
Sep 9, 1:43AM EDT0

What is the "new tool" you referred to?

Sep 8, 6:49PM EDT1

It' s a new PC

Sep 9, 1:44AM EDT0

What inspired you to get into this industry?

Sep 8, 4:41PM EDT1

I think the biggest inspire was Miroslaw Zelent and his channel on YouTube.

Sep 8, 5:02PM EDT0
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What is difference between Serializable and Parcelable ? Which is best approach in Android ?

Sep 8, 2:47PM EDT1

Serializable is a standard Java interface, interface create a lot of temporary objects and cause quite a bit of garbage collection. Parcelable interface takes more time for implemetation compared to serializable interface and is faster than serializable interface.

About, what is the best, you should check this article .

Sep 8, 3:06PM EDT0

Thanks for the link, appreciate it!

Sep 9, 7:48AM EDT1

What age ranges are your games designed for?

Sep 8, 2:43PM EDT1

It`s depense, for the PC is 16+, for the VR is no limit. But let`s be honest.. I think that children should play in playground, not mobile phone :)

Sep 8, 3:00PM EDT0
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How did your health issue inspire you to make games?

Sep 8, 2:39PM EDT1

You know, I felt very big pain, I had a Tramadol (opioid), I didn`t do anything.. I was walking with the sticks even to toilet.. So I spended all days with Youtube. I was close to depression. And then, I saw the clip on YT about the programming. I didn`t want to waste my life. I made a Notepad as on Youtube tutorial.. and.. it`s just happens :D I chat with someone, he said me about Unity. It was amazing. I had a problem with knee 2 years. And I spend this 2 years for learning on my self. I don`t know everything because I`m learning what I need. I didn`t finish any special school. 2 years ago I didn`t even know, what is command console in windows :D

Sep 8, 2:58PM EDT0
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Do you have a team? Are the games you are making in 3D. Also, do you do all of the work yourself? Graphic design, modeling, programming, etc. Game design is hard. App design is easier, but coming up with unique ideas is also a challenge.

Sep 8, 2:32PM EDT1

I start alone, firstly I was buing a 3d models. I invested for 3d models about 1 500 euro. Also ext. and interiors. The rest I`m doing on myself. Yeah, it`s hard work.

I start also make a 3d models. I made a T-rex but i stuck on UV maps. My PC is crushing.

About the app, I was making only apps for VR.

Game dev is very hard. For example I spend right now about 1 hour for the thinking why my player is dying after spawn. I forget about the kill zone.

I`m doing on my self a lot, meybe it`s not look perfect, but.. Every mother love her children :D 

About unique ideas.. I love medieval, I want to make everything about medieval. My partner said, that everyone love shooter. So I made a 2 games for PC, medieval and shooter. And I love more my medieval game :D I love Witcher, and Skyrim. But let`s be honest. Make an open world game is for the AAA studio. Right now with my graphic card I can not even build a light map for the terrain 2km x 2km..

I start from 0, 2 years ago.. Learning everything from YouTube and books. I didn`t quit, even when everything has crushed.. I remember when I update a year ago Unity and everything has crushed.. I didn`t have any backup. I just start again.  

Game dev is my passion, it has a lot of challenges, and I love challenges. I`m not perfect, I`m still learning. But for now I need to change my PC. In my actual situation, I can not save a money for the PC. After crushed knee, my partner start paying all the bills. So we have only his payment. He believe in me, he invested in me, but right now, we can do it more. 

Sep 8, 2:53PM EDT0

What do you enjoy least about doing this?

Sep 8, 2:05PM EDT1

When i hit play and don`t see any errors in console :D 

Sep 8, 2:11PM EDT0

hahaha I guess you're right

Sep 9, 6:57AM EDT1

What is the APK format?

Sep 8, 1:56PM EDT1

Are you asking what is mean apk ? Android application package . If you are asking about something else, please ask me again, because meybe I didn`t understand question :)

Sep 8, 2:02PM EDT0

Sorry yes. Thanks 

Sep 9, 9:21AM EDT1

How does your family feel about your new job? Do you have their support?

Sep 8, 1:52PM EDT1

I have support from my partner and my father. My mother can`t understand that working at home is the same like working in corpo..

Sep 8, 1:59PM EDT0
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What are the tools are placed in An Android SDK?

Sep 8, 1:36PM EDT1

Android SDK collaborated with android emulator,AAPT, ADB, DDMS  :)

Sep 8, 1:58PM EDT0

Thank you!

Sep 9, 11:03AM EDT0

What is the difference between a fragment and an activity?

Sep 8, 1:11PM EDT0
Sep 8, 1:23PM EDT0
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