Living in Amsterdam, born in Denmark but have Persian roots. I spent my days running my first startup and watching re-runs of the Oprah Winfrey show. AMA!

Nelli Jeloudar
Feb 18, 2018

I started a side hustle earlier last year and was recently chosen as one of the top 10 startups in one of the biggest accelerators in Europe.  Besides that, I have a broad background in implementation of online and offline customer experience. 

I am doing this AMA to have a loose conversation with peepz, who are interested. I love to connect and to be challenged.

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Do you feel it is more difficult to start a startup outside of one of the largest hubs (Silicon Valley, NYC, London, etc.)?

Feb 23, 1:04PM EST0
What gave you the idea for Bundleboon?
Feb 23, 11:29AM EST0

Do you use any lead generation tools in your website?

Feb 23, 2:16AM EST0

You mentioned you started the business as a side hustle-when did you find the time and energy to dedicate to the project?

Feb 21, 7:56PM EST0

I had to stay focused and quickly develop some serious time management skills.

My day would start at 6am, where I would check the latest orders and order the nessasary inventory. At 9am, I would start my "day job" in which I would still make sure to stay on track with the daily operations at Bundleboon. At 6pm, I would head home, cook some dinner and start packing some boxes until around midnight. This was my routine for 7 months :)  

Feb 22, 2:49PM EST0

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Feb 21, 12:51PM EST0

I hope that Bundleboon will be the new Stitch Fix. 

Feb 22, 2:43PM EST0

What are you most proud of when it comes to your startup?

Feb 21, 12:42PM EST0

The team! I started Bundleboon as a side hustle as a sole founder and it wasn't until my two cofounders joined me that we truly kicked off and got more traction. 

Feb 22, 2:43PM EST0

As far as I notice Bundleboon is about receiving and paying for... suprises. How did you came up with this idea? Is this working when people don't even guess what they can receive and have to pay for that?

Feb 21, 7:49AM EST0

After a year of working, what would you say surprised you the most?

Feb 20, 2:58PM EST0

I underestimated the word "entrepreneurship". I always saw it as something fancy with little understanding of the amount of hard work, dedication and skills it takes to make it big.   

Feb 22, 8:02AM EST0

What do you think is the most important advice for someone looking to start their own business?

Feb 20, 11:56AM EST0

Great question! Don't quit your day job before you have validated your idea and have a proof of concept. A lot of entrepreneurs give up on everything and jump into something, they don't even know would work. 

Feb 20, 3:52PM EST0

Besides Oprah, is there someone you look up to/are influenced by?

Feb 20, 6:07AM EST0

This might seem cheesy, but  I look up to one of the co-founders of The Cloakroom - my previous employer. He has had a big impact on my startup and he always inspires me to push myself to ways I never thought I could. I hope that I can someday inspire someone as he has inspired me.  

Feb 20, 8:19AM EST0

Since your experienced and ideas to start your business originated from your career before, aren’t you nervous the best of your workers are going to leave and start their own thing at some point? How to get the balance between finding and keeping motivated and capable people and them not being « too good » so they leave?

Feb 18, 8:53PM EST0

I wouldn’t mind at all. I actually hope that their experience and learnings during their time at Bundleboon can inspire them to become busieness owners themselves. My previous employers turned out to be my biggest supporters and mentors.  I hope that I can inspire others in a way that my former employers inspired me. 

Feb 19, 3:55PM EST0

You mentioned machine learning will be implemented soon to suggest outfits, has this been used before on other sites or will you be the first to do it?

Feb 18, 5:50PM EST0

We are the first ones to do it for a personal shopping service, specialized in kidswear. However, Stitch Fix does it, and it turned out to change their entire concept (in a good way)

Feb 19, 3:51PM EST0

How do you keep up with new fashion trends for your business?

Feb 18, 8:16AM EST0

For us it is all about what the parents want their kids to wear. So we always make sure to get feedback from our customers and what they were missing in their box. We also talk to different people in the fashion industry, going to trade shows, etc. 

Feb 18, 1:22PM EST0

This is your firs start up, what would you change/do better with the next?

Feb 17, 11:16PM EST0

Awesome question! I would get a cofounder from the very beginning and maybe be more prepared for the life of an entrepreneur. 

Feb 18, 1:20PM EST0

Have you always been into children’s fashion? Do you also offer fashion pieces for adults?

Feb 17, 10:25PM EST0

We don't offer fashion pieces for adults. This is mainly due to the major competition in Europe (and rest of the world).  I spent 3 years working for a personal shopping service for men, so I am bit bored with fashion for adults. Kidswear is the next best thing :) Plus! I love seeing my tiny customers dress up in our outfits and making it an experience with their parents. Best feeling ever! 

Feb 18, 9:12AM EST0

Does it help to have some tech background when running an online business? Do you have that or you had to learn?

Feb 17, 4:30PM EST0

I have zero knowledge when it comes to tech. Luckily, there are so many tools available that help you to build a MVP or a get you started, which was a lifesaver for me.  I have signed up for some coding lessons. Not because I need it to run my business, but because it intrigues me to develop something on my own. 

My cofounder has some knowledge in tech but we outsourced everything related to it. 

Feb 18, 9:08AM EST0

What is the most challenging part of running a startup business?

Feb 17, 3:01AM EST0

The main challenge is definitely being a first-time entrepreneur. I had no idea what I was doing - I still don't!:) Luckily, I have a great network of serial entrepreneurs and mentors, who are always ready to catch me, if I fall in all of the madness :) 

Feb 18, 9:03AM EST0

Did you get different treatment as a woman in tech or do you think those days are over?

Feb 16, 9:38PM EST0

Great question! I did/do get special treatment, but only in a good way. It is very cool to see female entrepreneurs being respected and appreciated on a whole different level.

Feb 18, 8:58AM EST0

How do you pick the brands you work with, what are the criteria?

Feb 16, 5:41PM EST0

We don't have our own inventory, which means that we don't go through the hassle of buying and category management. Our selection of inventory and brands is decided by our current retail partner, who is specializing in kidswear. 

Feb 18, 8:54AM EST0

Do you have an app for the site too? Is it necessary?

Feb 16, 11:03AM EST0

We don't have an app at the moment. We are definitely thinking about it. As long as our website is mobile friendly, we don't really think it will add any value to the concept. But you never know :) 

Feb 18, 8:52AM EST0
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