I'm a marketer and growth hacker. Co-founder & CEO at Press on It - a full stack marketing and growth hacking agency I co-founded with my Wife and Partner Melissa Pekel. Founded several B2B SaaS products and a few apps, some of them award winners. But before all that, I failed so much, and hopefully I might help you a bit so you won't have to. This AMA is about building/launching/managing and finding the right strategy for your products & businesses, go!

Haim Pekel
Mar 12, 2018

You can find my agency website here: pressonit.com/

I specialize in:

  • Taking client products, businesses and apps from zero to hero.
  • I do that by solving complicated business problems.
  • Increasing LTV and Creating AARRR frameworks that work.
  • Finding the right product/market, product/channel, channel/model, model/product fit.
  • As a full stack marketer, I provide a lot of services to my customers including: SEO, PPC campaigns, social campaigns, content marketing, product marketing, growth hacking, marketing strategy for growing businesses and large companies, CRO (Click rate optimization), marketing automation and more.
  • Data and analytics - all the above won't do anyone any good without extensive testing.

My posts appeared on HackerNoon, HubSpot and other websites. Go ahead an ask me anything!


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What techniques do you use the measure the quality of your work?  What steps do you take to ensure the desired quality is achieved?

Mar 17, 2:34PM EDT0
What one job, do you think, doesn’t exist now but will in the future?
Mar 15, 6:56PM EDT0
Being a marketer, if you were in charge renaming things so that their names would be more accurate, what are some of the things you would rename, what names would you give them and why?
Mar 14, 10:17AM EDT0
What is your best example of easy come, easy go?
Mar 14, 9:31AM EDT0
Which three strategies would you recommend a person use to build liquidity in an apartment rental marketplace that is tailored to overseas renters?
Mar 12, 11:39AM EDT0

Hi there!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy...

1# Get more leads by targeting search intent on Adwords with your offering – in your niche, intent is king. Target KW’s on search via Adwords paid ads and SEO posts. See if you can implement conversion tracking codes in your offering, easier with SEO posts on a website you own, harder on a platform that you don’t own.

This will allow you to implement the next step…

2# After they land on your pages, if they didn’t convert, target them with Remarketing ads – if they didn’t convert on the first time, they might convert with a little help from an interesting offering that targets them with a different message/offer.

The more leads you have coming in, the more liquidity you’ll have.

3# Upsell by offering family and friend plans – everyone who rented an apartment in your marketplace has family and friends they would like to have with them on their upcoming vacation, offer deals around that.

4# Make sharing and referring the deals super beautiful and easy – people love to share their vacations with family and friends. You need to create sharing and referral mechanics into your process and even communications (emails?) and offer incentives for customers who are willing to refer friends and family to your marketplace.

5# Find affiliates who own niche websites/bloggers or campaign managers who run leisure campaigns on a regular basis, and offer them to promote your offering, paying them on a rev-share or CPA basis.

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Mar 12, 5:17PM EDT0

Hi Haim, what are your favorite books/courses on building online sales funnels? I personally like Russell Branson and Jeff Walker, is there anybody else I should check out? Thank you!  

Mar 12, 7:16AM EDT0

Hi there!

You should definitely check Talia Wolf from GetUpLift.

She’s a leader in emotional sales and creating the associated funnels (CRO) and I think she runs a training program from time to time.

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Mar 12, 4:43PM EDT0
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What are some of your favourite sources for content on any topic and what about these sources do you prefer?
Mar 12, 7:01AM EDT0

Hi there!

By far, Zest.is.

This is the fourth time I mention Zest on this AMA, I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I just love what they’re doing.

What I love about Zest is that I don’t waste my time, reading through a post that has a nice title to it, but is mediocre at best, no. With Zest, content gets scanned by real marketers who determine if the post is Zest worthy or not.

When someone offers to save your time, and doesn’t ask anything in return, you just thank them and spread the word so other people will support this product and help the Zest team deliver good stuff in rapid succession.

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Mar 12, 4:30PM EDT0
Which do you think is the most reliable tool to keep track of ad spending & budgeting and why do you believe it to be so successful?
Mar 12, 6:54AM EDT0

Hi there!

There’s only one tool I use to measure, optimize, compare and track campaigns, Excel.

And here’s why:

1# I can slice and dice the data however I want – this requires of course a certain level of mastery, but once you’re using excel you’ll find that other tools, with all their automatic reports, don’t come even close to the level of intimate insights you can get from your excel sheet.

2# Excel costs nothing compared to other tools.

3# You’re able to create with Excel easy, even automated templates like this one for Facebook, and do whatever you want to with the data, it’s easy & fast.

Do some research on managing campaigns with Excel sheets and templates, it just might be your cup of tea 😊

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Mar 12, 4:22PM EDT0
How should one seed content on Facebook groups?
Mar 12, 5:37AM EDT0

Hi again!

In general, you should not seed content on Facebook groups, you should instead interact with the community there, answer questions, help people out, share links that are helpful to the group and support other posts on the group…

And if the opportunity presents itself, share something you wrote, add (hearts) to it, and ask for everyone’s opinion and support, the same feedback and support you offered btw in your previous engagements with them.

People don’t always share because the content is interesting. When people share or like in Facebook groups, or any group for that matter, they do so because they connected with the author of the post in a meaningful way, and they’ll do whatever they can to help them out.

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Mar 12, 3:59PM EDT0
How important is voice search for a brand's SEO strategy currently?
Mar 12, 5:18AM EDT0

Hi there!

Google is a semantic engine, when you conduct a voice search the search engine can identify your intent, even if you’re using longer KW’s.

The same practices that were relevant before voice search clarity, are relevant today with two small differences:

1# The long tail became way longer – this means that you might need to include in your content strategy brand mentions that are structured around queries.

I’m now seeing searches that contain 10 KW’s in them, search for more than 0 times, which with this kind of length means a lot.

2# Brand pronunciation variations are now a thing – Sure, in the past you had to work with typos, but now you need to work with accents, try to wrap your mind around that 😊

Voice search is definitely a major thing and it’s only going to do wonders for the industry.

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Mar 12, 3:42PM EDT0

Hi guys,I'm here answering questions, due to the number of questions this might take a while, but I'll get to you as soon as I can.If you want to get weekly problem solving and growth busting advice from me, register here https://www.getrevue.co/profile/haim

Thanks :)


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Mar 12, 4:03AM EDT0
What are your best tips for being successful on Slideshare?
Mar 11, 11:09PM EDT0

Hi there!

To tell you the truth, I don’t have a lot of experience on SlideShare, I never focused on it with my clients because experience taught me not to.

However, I’m not going to leave you empty-handed 😊

I once ran this slide via SlideShare and it got 6.5K views, I can walk you through the steps I made back then, they are still relevant today.

1# I invested a lot in the graphic design of the slide – creating a unique look for a slide will do wonders when it comes to CTR, people are always looking for novelties and design attracts the eye more than text sometimes.

2# Oh, yes. Make it unique and interesting – always write a post that you’d like to read, that’s my criteria for writing and it includes presentations as well.

3# Promote its embedement – Conduct a massive outreach to blog and relevant outlets and try to promote your deck to them, if it’s good, you’ll have no problem to do that.

4# Embed it in a blog post. Also, start using Medium.

5# Send it via your newsletter – and if you don’t have a newsletter, find relevant newsletters to promote it.

6# Create your network on SlideShare – add people, like their slides and comment, people will reciprocate.

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Mar 12, 3:25PM EDT0
What do you do to stay up to date with new marketing techniques?
Mar 11, 4:27PM EDT0

Hi there!

There’s no one thing I do that you can label as a learning or knowledge update methodology, except for this one thing, I go through posts offered via my Zest.is once per day.

Acquiring education and developing my current skill set requires a lot of experimentation and research on my existing products. But if there are gaps, Zest fills them up.

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Mar 12, 2:36PM EDT0
Can you tell us about a past situation where you had to juggle multiple projects with competing deadlines?
Mar 11, 1:41PM EDT0

Hi there!

This happens all the time, especially if you have more than one client.

As with all customer interaction, they don’t care if you have multiple projects or clients and you have to deliver them all today, nope…

They want what they paid for and they are right to do so.

It’s your job to deliver, the question is, how do you go about that?

Here are a few options, and I’ve been there done that 😊

1# In case of a worst-case scenario -  ask one of your clients prior to the deadline if it’s okay to postpone it, you might be surprised by their answer and it beats the hell out of being late.

2# A better version of No. 1# is to ask them to prioritize delivery – this way you will be able to deliver mission-critical elements, while postponing delivery on the non-critical ones.

3# Pull an all-nighter followed by deep hibernation – yup, that one is totally legit, although it might mess up your productivity on the next day, so make sure you sleep well after.

4# Bring in some help – build a network of colleagues, and make sure it’s a win/win.

But sometimes you’ll miss a deadline and you will have nothing to show for it, so what should you do then?

5# We are only humans, that’s why we mess up. But being human also has its advantages – when you mess up, you can ask for forgiveness, take responsibility, and even compensate your client for the late delivery.

Compensation doesn’t have to include money back, but it definitely needs to be awesome and leave your client happy.

If there’s one thing I learned from juggling several deadlines is that I don’t have to work at 100% capacity. Working at 100% capacity is exactly what creates these tight deadline situations, why? Because it doesn’t leave room for the human factor.

I recommend that you work at 80-90% capacity, and leave your customers 100% satisfied 😊

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Mar 12, 2:22PM EDT0
What tips or suggestion would you share with other Digital Marketers who want to become more productive?
Mar 11, 12:38PM EDT0

Hi there!

You just hit my sweet spot, I love productivity!

Here we go:

1# If you’re working alone, create to-do lists – this includes an evening list, preparing for the next day and a morning list, in which you’ll choose six tasks that you’re going to do in a certain day.

2# If you’re working in a team, do the same just with several people and hold each other accountable.

3# Read Getting Things Done by David Allen (GTD), this is your new bible!

4# Understand the Pomodoro Technique and time yourself while you’re working on tasks.

5# Sleep 8 hours each night.

6# Take power naps during the day, power naps are 20-minute naps in the middle of the day that boost your cognitive power.

7# Understand how your inner rhythms work, this includes:

The circadian rhythms: the 24-hour cycle that includes physiological and behavioral rhythms like sleeping.

The diurnal rhythms: the circadian rhythm synced with day and night.

And most important…

The ultradian rhythms: biological rhythms with a shorter period and higher frequency than circadian rhythms.

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Mar 12, 12:40PM EDT0
Do you recommend investing in paid traffic on Facebook? What percent of ads fail?
Mar 11, 12:19PM EDT0

Hi there!

That depends. I recommend to test your ad channels and see which one yields the best results.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is a wonderful platform to drive paid traffic from, In general, yes, Facebook works for most products and services.

But, what if your service is seasonal? What if your product is based on an immediate need the client might have?

Some products might not work on Facebook as well, these products/services should be tested first on advertising platforms that target search intent as a paid traffic source, Adwords and Bing for instance.

Why? Because they offer a targeted traffic option.

There are many platforms, and they all offer a wide variety of advertising channels. Advertising should be focused and optimized per your goals, that’s why you have to test your channels.

Now, about your second question, “what percentage of ads fail?”

From my experience, ads don’t fail, they just serve their purpose.

What’s the purpose of ads? The answer is to provide the lowest price per goal achieved (click to website, conversion, etc.) by testing variables.

In a running campaign, you should upload several ad variations and see which one performs best.

If there’s an ad that performs better than other ads, you should pause the nonperforming ads (never delete them, because you’re going to need that data) and invest the funds in the ad that produces the best results for the lowest price.

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Mar 12, 12:16PM EDT0
What recently-developed marketing strategy, tool or technique interests you the most right now? And Why?
Mar 11, 9:54AM EDT0

Hi there!

I’m totally impressed by the seemingly non-scaleable, effort of Zest.is to develop a platform that contains hand-picked marketing and growth hacking posts, these posts are chosen by top marketers, and they save a lot of (other) marketers time by focusing them on great content.

Currently they’re pushing only quality through their funnel, and I want to see how it develops, including if it can be transformed into other verticals.

I also want to see how they’ll be able eventually to scale it.

The problem today with content providers is that they’re controlled by bots and marketers, and not by an elite group of hand-picked professionals who choose which content is read-worthy and which is not.

I value my time, like most people, that’s why Zest is such a boon.

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Mar 12, 10:22AM EDT0
Do many companies use data and analytics? At what point of their development should a business start applying those?
Mar 11, 3:45AM EDT0

Hi there!

I don’t know which companies use data and analytics in their marketing efforts, but what I do know is that the successful ones always do.

You can’t succeed, not in marketing, not in nothing, without creating tests and measuring results, sure from time to time you’ll have an occasional fluke, but you won’t know what made it successful…

For instance, let’s take an example of a highly functional landing page you created for your company that converts like crazy…

Can you guess what exactly on that page makes it so successful?

Was it the messaging? Was it the creative? Was it page structure or overall experience?

Without measuring and experimentation, you’ll never know.

A business should from the get-go have an analytics tool implemented on its website, product or service. Even measuring manurally is better than not measuring at all.

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Mar 12, 10:02AM EDT0
Why do your clients pick you over other agencies? That is, what do you think you do better than your competition?
Mar 10, 5:23PM EST0

Hi there!

There are several things that I think set agencies for client onboarding success, we definitely use them.

1# Having relevant experience - if you’re good at promoting SaaS product, it doesn’t mean that you’ll do great in promoting an eCommerce store.

2# Having done something successfully with similar clients – people are looking for app promotion agencies when they have an app, and they want to hear success stories when they talk to you.

3# Being available – clients are highly appreciative when you’re responsive, they love the fact that they just pick up the phone or send an email directly to the CEO of their agency and get a quick answer.

4# Never providing a price proposal via email – if you send a price proposal without talking to your customer, you will probably lose them. The reason is simple, they are not prepared nor do they understand the amount of work required to achieve their goals, they are masters of their own domain, but not yours.

Price proposal always needs to be handed 1:1 or via Skype.

5# Solving a major problem form the get-go, like it’s nothing – seriously impress your clients from the beginning of your relationship and you’ll fantasize about working with you even before you hand them the price proposal.

6# Never sell yourself short – If you’re offering low prices with hopes of getting more customers this way, quite now. If you're not getting paid properly, it’s just not worth it, not to them, and not for you.

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Mar 12, 9:52AM EDT0
Would you say one can succeed without a clear strategy by just being persistent in trying things?
Mar 10, 4:57PM EST0

Hi there!

You need to have a clear plan, doing the same thing over and over again won’t yield different results, even if you’re persistent for all eternity like Sisyphus.

Here’s your toolbox when it comes to success, use it well:

1# Always have a plan.

2# Always have a plan B.

3# Always have a plan C.

You get the gist. 😊

Having all these alternatives will help you to bounce back fast after failure because you know where you’re headed.

In addition, If you think that you can just wing it and whatever you’re trying will work, you are probably wrong.

Our brain is wired in such a way that it pushes us to believe that we can just wing it, it helped us a lot during our evolution because it promoted our ability to evolve as a species, pushing us to try new things and explore.

But the same mechanism that once was responsible for our success as a species, now torpedoes a lot of projects...

Never wing it, always have a plan!

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Mar 12, 9:22AM EDT0
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