I plan on making an alternative for Youtube thatl'll give content creators more incentive, freedom, and benefit than what Youtube is offering. AMA

Jules Catalan
Nov 15, 2017

I am currently running a Kickstarter campaign with hopes of getting funding for a project. Frame Rate is a video sharing website that is extremely community focused. We will always cater to our content creators and our audience to provide the best possible experience for both content creation and viewing experience. More information here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1230437930/frame-rate

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Are you getting any closer to start this project?

Nov 17, 11:04PM EST0

Do you think that there is room for another "Youtube"? and Why?

Nov 15, 10:42AM EST0

How can an affiliate participate and benefit at the same time?

Nov 15, 8:28AM EST0

What inspired you come up with this and for how long have you been planning this?

Nov 15, 4:17AM EST0

Are you many people in the team?

Nov 14, 9:00PM EST0

What is your background?

Nov 14, 7:57PM EST0

Where are you based?

Nov 14, 7:28PM EST0

Do you do your marketing yourself?

Nov 14, 1:50PM EST0

Have you thought of going for private investment?

Nov 14, 10:32AM EST0

How would the project generate income?

Nov 14, 9:56AM EST0

What are the dfferences with Vimeo instead? 

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Nov 14, 9:48AM EST0

Why did you pick Kickstarted for funding?

Nov 14, 9:37AM EST0


Nov 14, 9:38AM EST0

Given the possibility to comment, like and share posts made on YouTube, as well as receive notifications and watch live videos, what do you do differently to make your platform community-focused?

Nov 14, 8:59AM EST0

What is the hardest thing about the project so far?

Nov 14, 8:58AM EST0

Who is your target market?

Nov 14, 8:49AM EST0

How do you intend to get your users?

Nov 14, 8:47AM EST0

What would you do if the funding fails?

Nov 14, 8:32AM EST0

How did you come up with the idea?

Nov 14, 8:31AM EST0

What is the overall feedback you get when talking about the project?

Nov 14, 8:08AM EST0

How far in the development are you?

Nov 14, 8:05AM EST0

Development hasn't started. It's all just planning as of right now, development will start when the campaign gets funded.


Nov 15, 5:41AM EST0
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