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Jul 5, 2018

I have started 4 businesses, some success, some failures. I have worked with 10’s of high growth technology startups to deliver aggressive scaling using data and operational frameworks to test and discover appropriate growth strategies, across a range of verticals and business types; from property to healthcare, 2-sided marketplaces to subscription-based products. I currently run one of London’s top growth marketing agencies/consultancies delivering high-quality growth work for a range of exciting technology-focused startups.

  • I have been involved with driving scale at high growth technology businesses for over 6 years now, and have a ton of experience in a range of verticals, business types, and business functions.

I am lucky in that I have more experience than most. One of the major learnings from this time in the trenches is that driving systematic growth is about fine-tuning your strategic marketing operations, not finding the next ‘growth hack’. As they say, tactics are for amateurs, operations are for pros.

I have developed a range of frameworks that can be applied to a range of businesses that deliver systematic growth, iteratively. I have also learned that no matter how much founders believe in their financial forecasting spreadsheets growth costs money! Not something they want to hear but something they need to understand in order to win. Therefore, finding ways to transition a business from an excel spreadsheet to a version of reality can be hard work, but something that needs to happen asap.

So, if you have any questions about growing businesses hola at me.

If you want to know more about me you can see my business Rebelhack here

You can also find me on social media here: 



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If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
Jul 12, 3:51AM EDT0
What do you feel is the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work for someone else?
Jul 12, 3:01AM EDT0

What is more important for success professional development or personal development?

Jul 11, 11:15PM EDT0
To what do you most attribute your success? What would say are the key elements for running a successful business?
Jul 11, 11:15PM EDT0

How do you stay a float when you have 2 businesses? 😍

Jul 11, 7:00PM EDT0
What kind of culture exists in Rebelhacker? How do you foster that culture?
Jul 11, 6:32PM EDT0

What is the best funding source for a startup?

Jul 11, 1:49PM EDT0

What's one daily routine you have that you feel contributes to a successful business?

Jul 10, 1:16PM EDT0
What are some of your favorite growth hacker marketing hacks, tips and tricks?
Jul 9, 3:17PM EDT0

What are your suggestions for teams seeking growth with a lean budget?

Jul 9, 2:25PM EDT0
How do you turn start-ups into sustainable businesses?
Jul 9, 10:38AM EDT1

That is a really good question. Not all startups are destined to succeed. They don't ultimately solve a real problem in the market. 

It's really hard to evaluate from the outside whether the business is going to be successful, even with a lot of experience. I suppose our due diligence is done as we begin to work with a business, and we can pretty quickly get an idea as to whether the business has legs or not. 

But let's assume the idea is brilliant and it's a software product/app - this is how we would approach it: 

1) Identify the Problem - get specific  

2) Understand how the solution adds value to the market and write about 4 value propositions for testing 

3) Intrument the product with robust, detailed analytics (here i would always suggest to implement more events than too few, but you will also hear the other side too - i think so long as you have your main funnel events tracked you're doing ok for now) 

4) Push into what I call Traction Testing. This is ultimately channel testing, where we're aiming to identify what channels are relevant for a business, what the competition are doing (ie how they get traffic, what tech they're using etc), what value propositions resonate with what audiences, what ad copy/imagery/landing page formats etc deliver the best results. Once we have this we can begin to define an initial launch strategy to push users to the product in some volume. 

5) Then we push into those working channels and tactics to deliver volume, meaning we have more data on which to base future decisions. 

6) This is the tricky part, because you want to know whether the users your pushing into the product are using the prodcut. You need to be able to segment your users based on what channel they arrived from (which can be real tricky in a multi-touch/device business). Once you can do this you can then identify which channels are right to deliver value to the business. 

7) Then push into that channel(s), making sure you have your eyes on product funnel conversion rates so you can resolve any pinch points in the prodcut. 

8) Calculate your LTV:CAC ratio, and make sure it's over 3 (note: this is different for different business models but this is a good rule of thumb). Once it's over 3 you're ready to scale, and means you're on the road the profitability. Now it's about keeping your operating expenses down, posting a profit and voila! You have a profitable business. 

This is obvioulsy far harder than i have just described, but gives you a flavour as to what do from ground zero. :) Sorry for the simplicity here. As you can imagine this is super complex, otherwise i would not have a job! :)))) 

If you want to see a recent post i wrote on the main areas startups should focus early click here

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Jul 9, 4:59PM EDT1
Some business owners are overly fixated with numbers (number of downloads, number of likes, number of followers). How do you change their minds to see beyond vanity metrics?
Jul 9, 9:54AM EDT1

haha, this is really hard sometimes. 

Probably the quickest way to deflate their 'vanity metric' balloon is to run correlation analysis on those vanity metrics and the number of transactions. 

If you find litttle/no correlation you can quickly explain they are not related and likely a waste of time in a resource constrained world. 

Howver, if you do find a correlation you can pat them on the back and explain you need to test further to see if you have a causal relationship to revenue. 

But generally, if you're obsessed with vanity metrics you won't be working with me for very long i am afraid.

Jul 9, 5:07PM EDT1
Your blog mentions that you train your team to think like growth hackers? How does a growth hacker think?
Jul 9, 8:47AM EDT0

What is the one thing you keep in mind at all times as an entrepreneur?

Jul 9, 7:42AM EDT0
What advice would you give to people looking for success and growth in personal and professional life?
Jul 8, 11:49PM EDT1

Learn to love the journey and not the destination. 


This will keep you happy, motivated and always smiling. If you're obsessed with owning a bigger house/car/plane etc you will always 'feel' unfulfilled. 

Jul 9, 5:09PM EDT1
How do you keep yourself productive and motivated?
Jul 8, 4:08PM EDT0
How do you hire your team? What qualities do you look for while hiring?
Jul 8, 11:17AM EDT0
What's the best apprach to run a CRO testing plan?
Jul 8, 4:21AM EDT1

This is a massive question because they are so complex (potentially). 

Can I point you to a recent 3 part series i wrote on this same topic? It will save me hours! :) It's called 'How the fuck do you do CRO' - so i think it's pretty apt :) 

Click this link to see post 1, and follow the link in the article to the 2nd and 3rd. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. 

Jul 9, 5:12PM EDT2
What are the most amazing and effective growth hacking strategies you can recommend Small Business Companies?
Jul 8, 1:23AM EDT0
What are your hidden inspiration sources? How do you generate new ideas?
Jul 7, 9:59PM EDT0
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