I am Placid Ihuoma, founder of Rocker kinetic. #AMA about ROCKER KINETIC : dynamic exercise module

Placid Ihuoma
Nov 16, 2017

Rockerkinetic is a dynamic footrest powered by AI, and facilitates simple, unconscious leg motions which improves posture, improves blood circulation, stimulates the body and mind, reduces cramps and improve general wellbeing and health of users. Being so quiet and the exercise unlaborious; RockerKinetic doesn’t distract the user from regular work nor would it distract others around you. The Rocking motion along with appropriate foot angles ensures a smooth and comfortable motion.

RockerKinetic is like a portable gym and game console. Designed in collaboration with chiropractors, doctors, and specialist ergnomics. It's the only dynamic footrest that improves your general wellbeing, posture, improves mental alertness, strengthens your calf muscles, same time providing you with an avenue to entertain yourself and keep you engaged; with inbuilt games, competitive challenging games, all powered by the motion generated by the user as he rocks the Rocker kinetic.

Rocker Kinetic is currently on IndieGoGo, so be sure to get in touch to find out more https://igg.me/at/rockerkinetic.


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Do you also use the Rockerkinetic yourself?

Nov 20, 5:32PM EST0

What materials are used to build the Rocker Kinetic?

Nov 20, 3:59AM EST0

Is it out on the market internationally?

Nov 17, 4:54AM EST0

It's not our yet. Seeking funding to bring it to the market. 

Nov 18, 2:05PM EST0

Oh I see. What`s your social media account or website we can follow?

Nov 18, 10:41PM EST0

Does it have to charge?

Nov 16, 10:47AM EST0

Yes it is rechargeable. we hope to have the batteries last for 12 hours on a charge. 

Nov 16, 3:13PM EST0

Are you working on other projects now?

Nov 16, 8:54AM EST0

Nope, are hands are full with the Rocker kinetic. 

Nov 16, 3:27PM EST0

What would you do if the crowdfunding doesn't meet your expectations?

Nov 15, 12:37PM EST0

Well, that's a posibility.  once we have exhausted our efforts on the two main crowdfunding platforms, we will then have to go with Angel investors.

We have had a few interests already from Angel investors but would want to exhaust the crowdfunding options.  

Nov 15, 5:27PM EST0

Is this your first invention?

Nov 15, 10:12AM EST0

I have had a few wacky ideas to be honest, however this would be my first invention idea coming to fruition. 

Nov 15, 5:22PM EST0

Do you have a team or work on your own?

Nov 15, 10:12AM EST0

Yes , i have a team, a growing team actually. we have had lots of interests since we launched on Indiegogo, people sending us messages and wanting to join the team. 

Nov 15, 5:19PM EST0

Could Rockerkinetic be used in hospitals or homes for old people for example?

Nov 15, 8:59AM EST0

Yes it was designed with that in mind. 

Rocker Kinetic very suited for used in rehabilitation centers to stimulate various leg muscles of patients; including ankles, knees, calves, toes, sole of the feet, Hamstrings, Adductors, Quadriceps, Gastrocnemius, Soleus and Tibialis anterior.  

In old people's home, Rocker Kinetic will be a great addition to further promote healthy living, fitness and general wellbeing of the residents. 

Nov 15, 5:17PM EST0

Do you do the marketing yourself or have a company doing it for you?

Nov 15, 7:50AM EST0

We haven't got big bucks budget for PR, initially tried facebook Advert, that produced 34000 views in a week, which was good, only 99% of the views where from Saudi. got zero funding from those views. 

We have now employed a PR company to make a press release on our behave and send it to media houses.  

Nov 15, 5:10PM EST0

Did you try private investors before crowdfunding?

Nov 15, 5:00AM EST0

Nope. would prefer to exhaust crowdfunding options before going with private investors. 

Nov 15, 5:04PM EST0

How long did it take to design and built it?

Nov 15, 4:20AM EST0

Initiately i didnt see Rocker kinetic as a business venture, was a pet project, funded from savings - when i had it, when i didnt, i simply suspended the work. So i would say, i 've been working on it for about 18 months. On and off. 

Nov 15, 5:03PM EST0

Why did you pick indiegogo for funding?

Nov 15, 3:38AM EST0

Actually we initially wanted solely kickstarter for the funding having being a member of kickstarter for many years, halfway into building the campaign on kickstarter, my team decided we create an indiegogo campaign as well to maximise our reach and support.

We ended up publishing on Indiegogo first to gauge the public appetite for the product. Still hope to publish on Kickstarter. 

Nov 15, 4:58PM EST0

Did you build the prototype yourself?

Nov 15, 3:14AM EST0

Is this suitable for kids?

Nov 15, 3:14AM EST0

Certainly, we have build games that are driving by the rocker kinetic, we are in talks with a few game developers to configure existing popular games on app stores, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo into Rocker kinetic games, with similar controls, all that would differ would be the leg motions, which would now be physically done. Exercising while playing games. 

Turning the number two (number one being the PC) cause of sedentary lifestyle into an exercise session. 

Nov 15, 4:48PM EST0

How did you come up with the idea?

Nov 15, 3:13AM EST0

Thank you, i still wonder when i had the eurekee moment. I use to have a static footrest, the standard type supplied to offices. i found that placing my feet on the footrest for a length of time, gave me similar feeling as not having any footrest. I still had the cramps and poor blood circulation. 

Anyway, subconciously i found my legs rocking the footrest, then one day i thought i would build one i could use, and i went ahead to make a sketch and later 3d model , from there the journey started. 

The design has changed a dozen times from the sketch i made that day, but the intention has remain the same- to build a footrest that will be fun to use. 

Nov 15, 4:41PM EST0

Where do you produce/will produce those?

Nov 15, 1:45AM EST0

We are based in the UK, we intend our product to be manaufactured in Britain, only so we can have a good control of the quality of every manufactured piece.

Nov 15, 4:31PM EST0

What materials do you use?

Nov 15, 12:24AM EST0

For materials- we are using rubber for the wheels and high durable  composite of polypropylene for the board.

Nov 15, 4:28PM EST0

Will you offer different colours?

Nov 15, 12:22AM EST0

What colour would you want ? 

The additional colours will be a market decision based on survey of what colours people would want to have. 

Nov 15, 4:23PM EST0

Would at some point Rockerkinetic go with an app?

Nov 14, 8:52PM EST0

It actually does have an app, the app is an integrate part of the experience. a demo will be available to be downloaded for free on the website. 

The user actually login through the app, and link the rocker via bluetooth, after which you can then embark on Rocker kinetic daily challenges and targets. 

It also does have an app store - with will be open to an developer out there to build a game for,- currently we have a few games - a rocker runner- subway kind of game, a zombie game and drift. these are all controlled by the Rocker kinetic. 

so essentially , as you rock the rocker kinetic , your character in the game , runs, jogs, run away from zombies, monsters, etc.

There is also another inbuilt game in the rocker app, which encourages users of rocker kinetic to challenge eachother in sprint races, or longer distance race. 

Imagine the office having a 15 mins marathon during lunch break , everyone on their Rocker kinetic rocking away. How amazing will that be ? Rocker kinetic makes that possible.  

Nov 15, 4:21PM EST0
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