I am a travel junkie, digital nomad and the co-founder of wherecani.live – in 5 minutes we’ll show you all of the countries in the world where you can live and how to make it happen. Ask me anything.

Alison Johnson
Oct 12, 2017

It all started after a conversation on a train.  The UK had just voted for Brexit and being an Australian/South African with a UK passport living in Spain, I was worried.  How would we be able to stay in this glorious country if the UK was no longer part of the EU?  I mentioned my concerns to an Irish friend who paused and then said, “You wouldn’t by any chance have a grandparent that was Irish, would you?”  I would never have guessed that you could get an Irish passport through your grandparent! What a relief!  We started wondering whether we could help other people with this same problem and www.wherecani.live was born.

Our web service asks a few questions about yourself and your family and then our specially formulated algorithms apply that information to a verified database of government and immigration department information and a few seconds later you are presented with your own personalised report. 

 There is no other immigration website that makes this first step so easy and provides you with government links and information for free.

You can also explore what it is like to live in different countries and compare statistics such as Cost of Living, Quality of Life, Education and even things such as corruption and environmental protection.  I am a sucker for a statistic so I have spent hours on this page doing comparisons! 

Check it out at https://www.wherecani.live/explore

Over the coming months we will introduce you to a vast network of trusted partners who can help you take the next steps to a new life abroad.

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The site is so inspiring! Really amazing for all types of people from all walks of life. I love the trusted partners aspect. One of the hardest parts of even thinking about moving to a new country is how to get started and do it legally and correctly . . .so the trusted partners make it easy! How do you find your partners - or do they find you! 

Oct 12, 6:32AM EDT0

Thanks for the question and feedback. It's a bit of both - because we have built something unique we've found a lot of organisations are approaching us keen to get involved. As Alison said elsewhere, it's core to our business model that we only work with companies with a strong track record and a great name in the market so we're in the fortunate position of being able to be selective.

And as we have got more involved in the overall market we get to know more and more people who are able to point in the direction of the best companies.

Hope that answers your question!

Oct 12, 9:10AM EDT0

Hi Alison, wow! Great Project!

I thought you would be interested in this upcoming AMA from our host  Cliff . 

Oct 11, 6:02PM EDT0

Great!  I will be sure to take a look!

Oct 12, 4:07AM EDT0

Where and when last do u travelled.

Can u please share you experince during the trip

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Oct 11, 12:01PM EDT0

Being able to do my job anywhere where I can get an internet connection makes me one happy lady.  So when my son has a 10 week summer holiday, we take advantage of it and this summer was no exception.  We spent a month in Eastern Europe - a few days in Prague but then 2 weeks in Slovakia in the High Tatras Mountains and 2 weeks in stunning Croatia.  I was completely blown away by the beauty of Slovakia - green rolling hills, majestic castles, amazing hiking, lovely people and great food!  As for Croatia, well I think that it is well-known for its beaches, see-through water, medieval history and great food.  Croatia did not disappoint!

Oct 11, 3:41PM EDT1

Wow! This is a great way to gather information before traveling/moving to a different country. What is the most recommended place to live based on your experience? 

Oct 10, 10:22PM EDT0

Thanks Lou!  The question to ask back is what floats your boat at this moment in time?  I have found different places have suited us at different phases in our life.   Right now we live in a small seaside Spanish town just a short drive from Barcelona.  This to me right now is the best place in the world to live.  We have a young family and so having access to great schools and good health care is as important as living near the beaches, ski fields and cheap flights to the rest of Europe. 

Earlier in our life the buzz and excitement of living in London and the amazing career opportunities and nightlife it offered was ideal.

And for an idylic time in our thirties, we lived on the island of Roatan in Honduras,  whiling the days away as scuba dive guides and the nights listening to Bob Marley in the local beach bar.

Sydney was then the answer for us where we could have the corporate career as well as that laid back lifestyle on the weekends.

Every place we have lived or visited has offered something amazing and opened our eyes to new experiences.

Pick somewhere and dive in with both feet and where you end up is the place I'd recommend.

Oct 11, 3:33PM EDT0

Do you think that the wish to emigrate to another country has risen in the last 10 years and why?

Oct 10, 11:45AM EDT0

Yes definately.  People are more aware of their options now than ever before with social media and the internet really coming into its own in the last 10 years.  

Last edited @ Oct 12, 10:41AM EDT.
Oct 11, 4:07PM EDT0

Which countries are the most popular for people to investigate?

Oct 10, 6:29AM EDT0

We have found that the top countries that people are looking to emigrate to or get a second passport are Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Australia and EU countries such as Germany and Italy.

See if you qualify for your country of choice using our smart wizard at wherecani.live

Last edited @ Oct 12, 5:02AM EDT.
Oct 11, 4:09PM EDT0

What is the record amount of countries that someone could move to, and what is the avearge amount?

Oct 10, 6:03AM EDT0

The highest is around 100 countries.  It really helps if you have funds to invest in a country for citizenship or residency.  There are over 90 countries in our database where you can get residency or citizenship through investment.  The average for EU/ EEA citizens is around 40 countries and elswhere in the world a bit less.

Oct 12, 4:05AM EDT0

How are you funding the startup? Are you bootstrapping or do you have 3rd party funding?

Oct 10, 6:02AM EDT0

At the moment we are self funded and it is going well.  In the future however we may look for funding to grow our business more rapidly.

Oct 12, 3:49AM EDT0

What inspired you to make this site?

Oct 9, 1:26PM EDT0

It all started when Brexit was announced and being on a British passport we were worried that we would not be able to stay living in Spain.  A friend mentioned to me that I could get an Irish passport through my grandmother.  I would never have even looked into that possibility.  I wondered if others would also like to know every country in the world where they could live and the idea was born.

Oct 12, 3:47AM EDT0

I visited the site and it seems to give some statistics which is cool. What are those statistics based off? I don't see anything that actually outlines how to file for immigration or student visas. Will you be adding that to your site?

Oct 5, 3:52PM EDT0

Hi Nina, we spent a lot of time collating various open source indices from around the world and then putting them into a format that allowed us to report across them. If you look at a country page, each statistic has a little ‘i’ at the top corner of it. You can hover over this and in most cases it will list the source of the data. Hope that helps!

Oct 12, 6:02AM EDT0

How do you find your staff to work on the project?

Oct 5, 12:50PM EDT0

We are fortunate that Ian (business partner and co-founder) and I have complimentary experience and skillsets.   Ian is technical and has built and run his own successful international IT companies and I have worked in project, operations and senior management roles in technology and investment banking for some large organizations.  So we did the planning and strategic work together and from there it was obvious which parts of the project each of us would lead..  We have also called in some favours (thanks friends, you know who you are!) and platforms like Upwork have been a great help in sourcing assistance to solve specific problems and to help with the large web research and administrative overhead.  We'll be looking to build out the team soon and we are fortunate that being based outside Barcelona there is lots of talent to draw on!

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Oct 11, 4:04PM EDT0

How many people are working on this project?

Oct 5, 3:05AM EDT0

Co-founders, Ian and myself are fulltime. We have a few part time people working in different areas and some others that we use as and when required.   We plan on expanding very soon.

Oct 11, 4:13PM EDT0

Thanks for the brilliant website. Genius idea! I'd love to give my children the experience of living in a different country where they could learn another language and culture. Are there any jobs available in a country such as Spain if you don't speak Spanish fluently?

Oct 4, 5:57PM EDT0

Thanks Deborah!  It is much harder to find work if you are not fluent in Spanish but there are many companies in the city whose business language is English and so you just have to look a bit harder and use your network.  I must say though that most of the non-Spanish people that I know are digital nomads like ourselves and work from home on internet based businesses.  A number of people also fly to London for the week and back to sunny Spain for the weekend.  If you want something enough, you can always make it work :-)

Oct 12, 4:13AM EDT0

How do you choose your partners in all these countries?

Oct 4, 4:03PM EDT0

To be successful, our partners need to deliver great outcomes for our clients and so this is something we take very seriously. We have an assessment process for our partners and will be constantly monitoring their delivery and service to ensure that they represent our business with as much integrity, care and professionalism as we would ourselves.

Oct 11, 3:13PM EDT0

What a great idea! I'm a travel junkie too. While doing the research did you stumble across any countries that you hadn't realised you could live in, that tempted you to move again?!

Oct 4, 1:58PM EDT0

Thanks Kate!  Although some of the research was boring, we did have a lot of "wow" moments.  I had no idea for example that countries such as Canada have a "Startup Visa".  For those who have a great idea, plus the skills and experience to make it happen, you can get a residency visa in Canada.

The other interesting one for me was that lots of countries will give you residency if you can prove an external income from investments or your own company.  For example, you only need to prove a monthly income of $US750 to live in beautiful Nicuragua or $US2500 to live in Costa Rica.

And the final wow moment was the citizenship and residency by investment visas.  There are now a large amount available across the world.  There are a lot of people buying property in places like Portugal, Malta and Cyprus to get (or keep) an EU passport.  

You can see which countries you are eligible to live in at www.wherecani.live

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Oct 12, 4:28AM EDT0

Where is your favourite place to live and why?

Oct 4, 6:16AM EDT0

Right now my favourite place to live is a little seaside town outside of Barcelona.  It ticks all the boxes for us - good schools, good healthcare, close to the beaches, ski fields, mountains, city culture and cheap flights to the rest of Europe.

If you had asked me this question 10 or 20 years ago however I would have had a different answer.  It would have been the excitement and big city living in London and Sydney or the chilled out life being a dive guide on an island in Honduras.

There are so many amazing places in this world and many favourites for everyone.  Go out and see!

Oct 12, 4:56AM EDT0

What are some of the marketing challenges you face?

Oct 4, 6:15AM EDT1

wherecani.live is an idea that seems to capture peoples imagination. Our biggest challenge is going to be how to target campaigns to get best impact given that a huge number of people all over the world are potential users of our site. We need make sure we use digital channels effectively to get the right message to the right groups of people.

Oct 12, 1:13PM EDT0

Why is travel so important to you? What do you get most of it? 

Oct 4, 3:31AM EDT0

There are so many great parts to travelling. I love the way that seeing new places and meeting new people challenges the way I think about the world, everywhere in the world that I have been has something wonderful and unique about it and finding these out is always amazing. Getting away always gets me out of my daily routines and thinking, after a while on the road that “stop and smell the roses” feeling kicks back in. And, of course, the food!

Oct 12, 1:04PM EDT0

What is the hardest part of getting your startup up and running?

Oct 4, 3:03AM EDT1

Taking the germ of an idea to defining a clear path for the business took some serious brainstorming.  Also working out how to monetise the idea was a challenge.  Once we had our plan in place however, the rest was hard work but a lot of fun.  

Oct 12, 3:40AM EDT0

I live in another country and I have found that the information on embassy websites is not always correct, when I had to go to my country to sort out a problem I was told that embassy's often deliberately offer all information necessary in order to discourage people. What is your experience with that?

Oct 3, 5:23PM EDT0

I agree Connie.  Some immigration websites are fantastic like for example Canada and Australia and are updated as soon as any changes are made.  Others however are lacking in information and some of them even go offline for periods of time!  We therefore dont only depend on the immigration websites for our information but also use other sources in the industry.

Oct 11, 3:11PM EDT0
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