Hey, I am Synthia! I am a henna artist. Ask me anything!

Sep 6, 2017

Henna art existed in our tradition of pakistan from the beginning period. Women used to color their hand to celebrate different occasions. It is said that the color of henna shows the depth of the love . The deeper the color on your hands, the stronger love your partner have for you. Its a sweet theory but maybe just a myth. 

I live in australia but henna art is my hobby , passion & of course i love it. I have attended a few events where i was paid but most of the time i have done it  free for my friends & families. ask me anything!

You can also follow my instragram: instagram.com/syn.vx

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How did you learn to do henna?

Sep 6, 8:52AM EDT0

i didn't learn it. it comes automatically.

Sep 6, 7:07PM EDT0

How many different types of henna ink are there?

Sep 6, 4:32AM EDT0

Original henna is only one type. but chemical henna has different types with different colors.

Sep 6, 7:06PM EDT0

Do you have any tips on making henna tatoos last longer?

Sep 6, 3:39AM EDT0

Yes, if you are applying original henna then don't wash ur hand with water for 5-6hours at least. and you can squeeze lemon on henna when it is almost dried

Sep 6, 7:05PM EDT0

Any chemical reaction in skin ? after apply it

Last edited @ Sep 6, 1:46AM EDT.
Sep 6, 1:46AM EDT0

No, its original henna. There is no chemical in it

Sep 6, 7:03PM EDT0

Where can I learn to become a Henna artist?

Sep 6, 1:21AM EDT0

you can take a training.

Sep 6, 7:03PM EDT0

How do you get such intricate designs?

Sep 5, 8:31PM EDT0

It comes automatically. t

Sep 5, 9:48PM EDT0

Not to me they don't. Are the designs part of your culture and do they have a meaning?

Sep 6, 1:11AM EDT0

Where is henna usually applied?

Sep 5, 7:59PM EDT0

usually on hands & feet. 

Sep 5, 9:48PM EDT0

I thought you can do them anywhere. I know Henna is made from natural leaves and bark but is there also a synthetic version of henna?

Sep 6, 1:55AM EDT0

How long does it last?

Sep 5, 1:24PM EDT0

7-8 days

Sep 5, 9:47PM EDT0

Does it fade slowly or does it wash off then?

Sep 6, 1:31AM EDT0

How old are you?

Sep 5, 10:46AM EDT0

26 years 

Sep 5, 9:46PM EDT0

And how long have you been making henna tattoos?

Sep 6, 2:46AM EDT0

Traditionally, is it only women who get henna?

Sep 5, 8:26AM EDT0

yes traditionally boys don't use henna 

Sep 5, 9:46PM EDT0

What do men use or do they normally not get tattoos in your country?

Sep 6, 2:00AM EDT0

Are there specific designs used in traditional henna?

Sep 5, 5:43AM EDT0

No, there is no boundaries in design. 

Last edited @ Sep 5, 9:45PM EDT.
Sep 5, 9:45PM EDT0

Do you just start off and then go along with your imagination?

Sep 6, 2:32AM EDT0

Are there specific ceremonies where henna is used?

Sep 5, 5:00AM EDT0

Yes, wedding & eid is the most common ceremony where women use henna.

Sep 5, 9:44PM EDT0

What is eid?

Sep 6, 2:11AM EDT0

What is henna made from?

Sep 5, 12:09AM EDT0

Original henna grows in henna tree. the henna leafs are crushed & converted into paste. we use that paste as henna.

Sep 5, 9:43PM EDT0

I didn't know that, thanks! What do you use to draw with?

Sep 6, 3:40AM EDT0

Do different designs mean different things?

Sep 4, 11:38PM EDT0

No, designs are just design. BUT, u can express your emotion by drawing them. as an example, on your wedding u can draw a bride in your hand. Asian women do that sometimes.

Sep 5, 9:42PM EDT0

That sounds great but what if you mess up? Just imagening somebody drawing a horrible looking bride onto a client. Is there a way to correct it?

Sep 6, 4:19AM EDT0

When did you move to Australia?

Sep 4, 11:26PM EDT0

when i was 11 years old. 

Sep 5, 9:40PM EDT0

Can you still remember living in your home country and do you have dual nationality now?

Sep 6, 2:08AM EDT0

What do you do for a living?

Sep 4, 10:43PM EDT0

I'm a assistant manager of a chain store.

Sep 5, 9:39PM EDT0

Do you enjoy your work there or would you rather paint tattoos fulltime? 

Sep 6, 2:27AM EDT0

What brand of henna do you use? 

Sep 4, 9:47PM EDT0

kaveri. i import it from pakistan. 

Sep 5, 9:38PM EDT0

Is it expensive?

Sep 6, 2:46AM EDT0

Do you have a portfolio of your work for potential clients to view? 

Sep 4, 8:59PM EDT0

No, i'm just an amateur. I don't have any portfolio. but if you want i can give you photos.

Sep 5, 9:37PM EDT0

Yes please, I adore your paintings. Have you ever thought of painting on canvas and selling your paintings?

Sep 6, 2:09AM EDT0

Have you thought about offering your services to brides having a cultural wedding? 

Sep 4, 7:46PM EDT0

Yes , already did it. 4 brides appointed me to did design in their hand. i wish to work more in future.

Sep 5, 9:36PM EDT0

That's really great. How long does it take usually to paint a bride? 

Sep 6, 3:35AM EDT0

How did you learn to do such high end henna designs?

Sep 4, 7:05PM EDT0

I never learned it actually. It's a by born talent.lol

Sep 5, 9:33PM EDT0

Wished talents could be shared.... :(

Sep 6, 2:53AM EDT0
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