Hellow! I'm Rob. Do you like themed parties? i'm a crafter, i design and craft party supplies for different themed parties. I wanna start a online crafting business. Ask me anything!

Sep 12, 2017

I started to make paper decorations when i was in school. Crafting something different always was my hobby. Many people said this a girly job but i believe there is no gender in profession, right?

I started is as my hobby but now i'm thinking about making it my profession. I already worked for some small parties in my neighborhood, & they were satisfied with my work. I'm not a party organizer, i just provide them the material they want. I work from my home, i don't have any shop yet. I'm thinking about opening a online website soon. 

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Where are you based? Have you ever thought of learning graphic design to diversify your skills and enhance the service you are providing?

Sep 12, 2:48PM EDT0

I'm not thinking about that right now, may be in future. thank you for your suggestion 

Sep 13, 10:54AM EDT0

Do you have a facebook page showing your designs? Twitter? Pintrest?

Sep 12, 2:09PM EDT0

I have personal social accounts, but don't have any business page yet.

Sep 13, 10:53AM EDT0

Whats holding you back from opening the store now?

Sep 12, 1:22PM EDT0

I don't have enough money for starting this business in a large scale. I need to hire a helping hand & trained them. I also need to hire a manager to deal with my online clients 

Sep 13, 10:53AM EDT0

Will you be building your own online store or hiring someone else to build it for you?

Sep 12, 1:01PM EDT0

I need to hire a manager to deal with clients & helping hand too.

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Sep 13, 10:48AM EDT0

Do you have a target date for the online store to  open?

Sep 12, 1:00PM EDT0

The approximate date is next year january. w

Sep 13, 10:47AM EDT0

Do you like using eco-friendly products? Is there a market for it?

Sep 12, 11:51AM EDT0

Yes madam. 

Sep 13, 10:46AM EDT0

Who are your clients, private people or shops?

Sep 12, 9:46AM EDT0

now i'm serving only private people. Supplying in shop would be great in future 

Sep 13, 10:46AM EDT0

Where are you from? How do you plan to do the online crafting business?

Sep 12, 9:00AM EDT0

Can you teach someone else to make decorations like you do?

Sep 12, 8:04AM EDT0

How do you find ghe kind of business you are into? I find it interesting though but how difficult is it?

Sep 12, 6:32AM EDT0

I love the plate settings with the mermaid. Did you draw that yourself? How long did it take you and how much does it cost?

Sep 12, 4:06AM EDT0

How do you make sure if I order 50 table decorations that they will all look alike?

Sep 12, 12:12AM EDT0

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Sep 11, 11:39PM EDT0

Where do you advertise?

Sep 11, 10:24PM EDT0

Have you always enjoyed crafts?

Sep 11, 10:02PM EDT0

Is everything you make homemade? Do you think a business in this industry would be profitable?

Sep 11, 9:34PM EDT0

How long does it take you to make a garland?

Sep 11, 6:20PM EDT0

If you have a big order, do you make everything yourself or do you have help?

Sep 11, 5:34PM EDT0

What was your biggest order so far?

Sep 11, 5:20PM EDT0

Do you also make invitation cards for weddings or christenings?

Sep 11, 4:30PM EDT0
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