Creator of world's first automatic translation for Android AMA!

Szymon Klimaszewski
Nov 14, 2017

I'm Android dev since 6 years, during that time I've developed multiple apps personally and professionally. Now I've released complete SDK for automatic transaltion of Android app - stringX - www.stringx.io

For some reason nobody did that before :)

That solution makes developer's life way easier, taking from my experience, update of the app with 13 languages supported is a hell!

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Why did you choose Android and not iOS?

Nov 21, 6:48AM EST0

How many languages can this translate?

Is it availabe on playstore?

Nov 15, 3:03PM EST0

It can translate to more than 100 languages. See full list here

The translating app is available in Google  Play, however as the instructions say, you need to integrate the solution within the app.

Nov 17, 6:31AM EST0

What inspires you the most ? 

Nov 14, 11:41AM EST0

When did you start programming?

Nov 13, 9:06AM EST0

About 8 years ago during my studies at technical university. I started with Pascal, then went with C++ to finish on Java and Swift.

Nov 13, 1:25PM EST0

Is the app just for developers?

Nov 13, 8:29AM EST0

Hey Shilpa,

The project is used only by developerss, but beneficients are users, because they can see translated app.

Nov 13, 1:23PM EST0

great idea, how it possible?

Nov 13, 7:59AM EST0

Hey Fatema,

I'm using Google Translate underneath, which can translate content to over 100 languages!

Nov 13, 1:22PM EST0

Did you build the app all on your own?

Nov 13, 7:27AM EST0

Hey Heenal,

Yes, completely. It takes more time in comparison to development teams, however it's still doable!

Nov 13, 1:21PM EST0

How about security, what data do you have access to when someone is using string X for their app?

Nov 13, 5:37AM EST0


I have access to text to translate from the developer's app. However those are the same texts, which are publicly available in the app. If necessary, in future I will add possibilite to make translations anonymously, however then user will not have translated text stored in Google Cloud.

Nov 13, 1:20PM EST0

How long did it take to create your own app?

Nov 13, 5:28AM EST0


It took about 7 months

Nov 13, 1:18PM EST0

Are you looking at a version for iOS?

Nov 13, 5:24AM EST0

Server side can be used for iOS, however I would need to write an app, which will generate translations for iOS version. If I succeed with Android version, then for sure I will do iOS one.

Last edited @ Nov 13, 1:18PM EST.
Nov 13, 12:45PM EST0

Is it paid to use stringX?

Nov 13, 4:21AM EST0

It's freemium, what means you get 10 000 credits for free for a start and can use them to transalte the app. Each character to translate is one credit. That amount in average should be enough to translate 1-2 languages of a quite big app. If you need more, then you need to pay, but still - 100 times less in comparison to professinal translation.

Nov 13, 12:43PM EST0

Did you finance the project yourself?

Nov 12, 7:53PM EST0

Yes, completely, however I try to do everything myself, what reduces costs a lot. Also Google offers quite good deal for it's backend and gives 300$ for a start, what was enough to make initial testing and implementation of this project.

Nov 13, 12:41PM EST0

What failure did you learn the most from?

Nov 12, 5:39PM EST0

Hey Kaja,

I thiink it would be going simle first, then build on it. Not the other way :) Current version of the project is the second version, as first one was overcomplicated.

Nov 13, 12:39PM EST0

What's the hardest thing in developing your own app?

Nov 12, 2:28PM EST0

Hello Diana,

I think it will be the time, which is required to finish simple project. It's very time consuming. Simple thing to accomplish takes hours! And the worst thing - after hours of work, the only thing is sometimes satisfaction, because it may not always earn or be profitable. Sadly :)

Nov 13, 11:22AM EST0

Do you have a business degree?

Nov 12, 2:06PM EST0

Hey Tamara,

No, I don't! I have master of science degree in automatics and robotics, then I moved to software development and here I am with various products! :)

Nov 13, 11:20AM EST0

Do you currently have any projects in the works?

Nov 12, 1:09PM EST0

Hey there!

Sure, plenty of them, you can check the Google Play page:


I mostly focus on medical apps as you can see :)

Nov 13, 11:17AM EST0

How long did it take to create the app?

Nov 12, 12:41PM EST0

Hey Faye,

App development is very time consuming. This project consists of various different sub-products like web-page, android app and server side. This particular project till current phase took me 7 months of after-hour work. And I'm pretty fast in this!

Nov 13, 11:16AM EST0

What is your favorite work?

Nov 12, 10:58AM EST0

Hey Adrian,

Hard to tell since I mostly focus on software development and this is my major job I do. However, I really enjoy phase when I do designs for my apps!

Nov 13, 11:14AM EST0
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