Ask Me Anything: Mindfulness for Business Professionals, Managers, and Entrepreneurs.

Trisha Collins-Dunbar
Apr 4, 2018

Do you desire to:

  • Enhance your Interpersonal and leadership skills through mindfulness?
  • Become more focused on the goals that will lead to overall success?
  • Disrupt the 'traditional approach' to becoming more productive?

Hi there, I'm Trisha. the founder of Language Learners Journal, a business that focuses on achieving success in self-development and language learning via simple mindfulness techniques, growth mindset, diet, exercise and good sleep hygiene. 

I am passionate about helping professionals and fellow entrepreneurs like yourself achieve your desired goals in a more relaxed, focused and productive way.

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Are there corporate retreats focused on mindfulness that you recommend?
Apr 9, 1:31AM EDT1
What are your top tips to be mindfulness? Are the bosses the right people to talk to about emotions in the workspace?
Apr 8, 10:05PM EDT1
When feelings and thoughts are different and challenging, how can business professional deal with the conflicting thoughts?
Apr 8, 4:15PM EDT1
How should a leader cope with the stress of responsibility? Does meditation actually help? How do you recommend a person to go about it?
Apr 8, 6:28AM EDT1

Thank you for all the questions! This AMA is now closed. 

If you are interested in learning more about Mindfulness check out my Online Udemy Course 'Mindful Learning'

Apr 7, 2:28PM EDT0
What advice would you give to someone who is interested in gaining greater success from the mindfulness practices?
Apr 6, 3:57PM EDT1

Practice makes permanent and builds a habit. Establishing mindfulness into your daily routine is very important if you would like to gain greater success in Mindfulness Gellert. 

Apr 7, 1:11PM EDT0
How can a person be a good leader when making decisions that his employees may not agree with?
Apr 6, 3:02AM EDT1

This AMA is on mindfulness, but being more mindful means less judgemental of others. As a leader sometimes it is difficult to make decisions. You will never please everyone, but being honest and seeing things through will earn respect. To be a good leader you can not be a people pleaser. 

Apr 7, 1:37PM EDT0
What are some tips for someone looking to become more productive?
Apr 5, 5:04PM EDT1

Planning, eating frogs and taking breaks! I know what you are thinking, what is she going on about, lol. Studies have shown that by taking regular shorter breaks you are more focused when you are working. Especially if during these breaks you are working on breathing techniques. Eating frogs? This is a technique where you do the thing you least want to do first! After that reward, yourself with the quick wins on your to-do list. This is where the planning comes in to play. Write a to-do list at the end of every day. 

Apr 7, 1:15PM EDT1
Have you ever found any mindfulness clips or movies that you have found useful?
Apr 5, 4:37PM EDT1

Surprisingly the kid's film Kung Fu Panda has many insights that are based on real mindfulness! 

Apr 7, 1:16PM EDT1
Do you ever engage in some forms of mindfulness meditation? If so, what are some techniques?
Apr 5, 2:50AM EDT1

For me simply breathing techniques and sometimes a mantra is enough. 

Apr 7, 1:17PM EDT1
What inspired you to get into wanting to help other people? Is this something you have always wanted to do?
Apr 4, 10:12PM EDT1

I feel lived experiences of my own personal struggles and getting through them with mindfulness practices lead to me wanting to help others. I have seen for myself the benefits that simply mindfulness techniques can have. 

Apr 7, 1:20PM EDT1
Where does mindfulness in an organization start?
Apr 4, 5:02PM EDT1

It starts with the willingness to try something different and this can be top down or bottom up. 

Apr 7, 1:21PM EDT1
What do you think about the relationship between leadership and mindfulness?
Apr 4, 4:21PM EDT1

Studies show that mindfulness can help make better leaders, which makes sense when you think that mindfulness is about being in the present moment, improves focus, compassion and non-judgmental. 


Apr 7, 1:22PM EDT1
What are the implications of being mindful in the workplace and, most specifically in entrepreneurial organizations?
Apr 4, 4:03PM EDT1

Mindfulness has many, many benefits in the workplace including reduced sickness levels, increased productivity and better mood management. In regards to entrepreneurial organizations it helps to increase focus, breeds creativity and produces better leaders. 

Here is a recent study...

Apr 7, 1:29PM EDT1
Where would you like to see Mindfulness go next?
Apr 4, 3:20PM EDT2

Children are naturally very mindful, however, once they hit their teens they seem to stop being so mindful. Therefore I would love to see more mindfulness in high schools/secondary schools, colleges and universities. 

Apr 7, 1:30PM EDT1
Is there a formal element of training one's mind to notice the patterns of behavior and thinking, and it involves specific meditation-based exercise for professionals?
Apr 4, 3:20PM EDT2

CBT, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, There is a mindfulness-based CBT training course that lasts 8 weeks in the UK. 

Here is a link to some more information...

Apr 7, 1:34PM EDT1

Thank you for all the questions so far! I am currently working on answering them all. Just a reminder that this AMA is on Mindfulness. 

Apr 4, 12:54PM EDT1
How did you become interested in mindfulness?
Apr 3, 4:46AM EDT2

I was first introduced to mindfulness over 20 years ago to help me with my own wellbeing and have never looked back. I am more focused and productive, remaining calm in stressful situations. 

Apr 4, 7:40AM EDT1
Is mindfulness at work about to replace traditional meditation practices?
Apr 2, 8:46PM EDT2

There are many different 'types of mindfulness'. The mindfulness practiced in the west is very different from Eastern traditions. The mindfulness used in the workplace often contains stress management techniques and CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) I doubt what is taught in the workplace will replace traditional meditation practices. 

Apr 4, 7:42AM EDT1
What do you think is the relationship between mindfulness and meditation in the business world?
Apr 2, 8:37PM EDT2

Meditation is part of mindfulness. Mindfulness is more than just meditating! Being more mindful is also about focusing on the present moment in a non-judgemental manner. The relationship this has in the business world is employees being more focused and productive (mindful) and taking time out in the work day to mediate in order to look after their own wellbeing. This does not have to mean sitting crossed legged on the floor! It could be sitting in a quiet room taking a few breaths or saying a mantra that means something to them. 

Apr 4, 7:49AM EDT1