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Julian W. Ones
Mar 9, 2018

Please check out my page

My shows are great for all ages. Includes animals such as snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, bearded dragons, geckos, bunnies, hedgehogs, chinchillas, Snails, birds etc. 

My shows are Approx an hour and a half. I do Educational Animal Shows for schools, parties, functions and events etc. 


Please check out my page

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How much do you charge for a 1.5 hour show? Do you do a money back guarantee if parents are not happy?
Mar 10, 8:43AM EST0

Do you prefer a certain venue to do shows in, like do you prefer parties over schools? Why?

Mar 9, 4:47PM EST0
What is the typical format of your show?
Mar 9, 9:54AM EST0
How is your show educational? What content do you incorporate?
Mar 9, 8:49AM EST0
Do you do this animal show full time? Do you have another day job?
Mar 9, 5:57AM EST0
Do you do other tricks too, like juggling, magic tricks or clown tricks?
Mar 9, 3:31AM EST0
What are some of the bigger events you have done shows at?
Mar 9, 12:58AM EST0
How do you keep children interested for an hour and a half?
Mar 8, 11:28PM EST0
What are your future plans for Educational Animal Shows? Are you planning to expand?
Mar 8, 10:29PM EST0
Which one is your favourite animal and why?
Mar 8, 4:48PM EST0
Where are you based? Are animal shows popular where you are?
Mar 8, 2:24PM EST0
What are some of the challenges you face in your animal show business? How do you overcome it?
Mar 8, 8:22AM EST0
How did you come up with the idea to do animal shows?
Mar 8, 1:25AM EST0
Is there anyone else on your team or is it a one man show?
Mar 7, 9:53PM EST0
How do you incorporate the snails into your show? What do they do?
Mar 7, 8:57PM EST0
Are you kind to your animals? Do you keep them in captivity when not working? Where are they kept?
Mar 7, 8:06PM EST0
How do you promote your show?
Mar 7, 7:00PM EST0
Have you ever met any animal rights activist who protested what you were doing? How did you deal with them?
Mar 7, 5:32PM EST0
Do you have an official website with more information about your show?
Mar 7, 3:38PM EST0
What ages do you usually entertain? Do you do shows for teenagers too?
Mar 7, 1:45PM EST0
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