AMA-What is an Entrepreneur Blueprint?

James H Lewis II
Mar 12, 2018

In our channel, we work to help entrepreneurs answer questions in areas of finance, marketing, sales strategy and social media.  These 4 categories are the key areas that entrepreneurs struggle with.

We believe like everything else there is a process to being a successful entrepreneur.  We like to say there is actually a Blueprint.  We even went as far as making one for people to follow.

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What are you fascinated by presently and how does it feed into your work?
Mar 19, 7:35AM EDT0
What has been one personal project that you have accomplished recently?
Mar 19, 12:58AM EDT0
What are some of the circumstances under which a company needs to simplify their brand identity, and what advice can you offer these companies with regard to achieving this?
Mar 18, 10:53PM EDT0
Have you ever experienced an occasion when a proposal did not go as planned, if so, what was the outcome, if not, what advice can you provide other companies on how to handle this situation?
Mar 18, 1:03PM EDT0
What do you believe is one of the main causes for a company to have low productivity and what are your reasons for your choice?
Mar 16, 3:40AM EDT0

I believe the culture of a company has to be one to inspire the people.  This is done by making sure there is passion in the leader and a written plan that is clearly communicated.  If they have that and still low productivity.  Then you have to look at your people.  They might not be the right fit for the organization.  And the reason I believe that is all around us.  Take any super productive and successful organization and that is a hallmark sign. 

Mar 19, 5:25AM EDT0
Is branding very important and must an entrepreneur determine the branding first before establishing a business?
Mar 13, 12:47PM EDT0

I think that branding is essential if you are a service businesses.  And that as soon as you have your why (Vision!) then you would outline your brand.  But if you are product company I think that is different.  As you are hopefully creating a product ot answer a need etc. 

Mar 13, 1:26PM EDT0
Are you also an entrepreneur? What are some businesses you have built and what was the success rate like?
Mar 13, 9:25AM EDT0

Yes. I am currently working to rebuild a home garden company myself. Amongst some other businesses.  Equity ownership in my clients is part of my compensation for working with them.  So I have small equity shares in several companies asides my own.

Mar 13, 12:18PM EDT0
What exactly is an entrepreneur blueprint?
Mar 13, 9:21AM EDT0

The Blueprint is the name of our 32 page plannning document that we use when consulting our entrepreneur clients.  It serves the purpose to be a living and breathing tracking system so we can work towards the goals and objectives of our entrepreneurs.

Mar 13, 11:42AM EDT0
How does one know if it’s time to give up on a business?
Mar 13, 5:00AM EDT0

I start first with is it making me money.  IF so is the process that it is making me money just another job. IF then can I leverage myself out of the job.  If not then are there other jobs I can do that I might find more fulfilling.  If it isn't making you money.  Then you have to look back on your plan and metrics and see where you are relative to those and if there are roadblocks that you can eliminate to achieve them.

Mar 13, 11:41AM EDT0

What are the best tips you can share with young entrepreneurs?

Mar 13, 1:17AM EDT0

One of the best tips I could give a young entrepreneur.  Get a mentor.  Or find someone who has some experience beyond yours.  And get them active in your process of when you review your own business.

Mar 13, 11:39AM EDT0

If you want a copy of our Blueprint or would like to be on our next episode of What's Your Pitch.. email me at  

Mar 12, 7:13PM EDT0
What is the success rate for the entrepreneur using your channel?
Mar 12, 1:35PM EDT0

Well I am new to this medium.  As for the ability of my clients to thrive under my advice and consultation that is different.  I have several clients that hve had success under my advice.

Mar 12, 1:47PM EDT0

Mar 12, 1:12PM EDT0
If you had to choose one technological device that should never have been made, what would it be and why?
Mar 12, 12:03PM EDT0

I am a technocrat at heart... gadget geek to say the least .. So this question is hard to answer.. personally I wouldn't even know where to answer that one.. :)

Mar 12, 12:43PM EDT0
What organizational model would you suggest to an entrepreneur, and what about this model makes it a better choice?
Mar 12, 9:47AM EDT0

I think in the beginning the solopreneur model of doing it all is what is needed to boostrap the organization.  The problem comes is when they go to long under this model and don't develop a bench of people to assist in the sharing of both growth and development. 

Mar 12, 12:48PM EDT0
What advice do you have regarding the methods entrepreneurs can use to attract employee talent?
Mar 12, 9:10AM EDT0

I thnk that the more transpaent the management and objectives.  The more likely you are to acquire the talent you are looking for.

Mar 12, 12:49PM EDT0
What are some of the ways in which a company can ensure capital and growth within a year of their company’s launch?
Mar 12, 7:51AM EDT0

I think  when dealing with VC's you should have a clear timeline with clear financial goals and objectives for both ROI and sales velocity.  Often times poeple get lost in just the operations or marketing without keeping the other metrics assessed and planned out.

Mar 12, 12:53PM EDT0
What methods can a person use to successfully accelerate their company’s development?
Mar 12, 7:20AM EDT0

One of the ones that I use to make sure my clients maximize their growtb efforts is diversity of networking.  You see each and every person that carries your story of your organization posses the abilty to be a advocate.

Mar 12, 12:55PM EDT0
When did you first realize that there was a need for a blueprint for entrepreneurs?
Mar 11, 11:09PM EDT0

There was this one client that came into my office about 7 years ago.. He had a common problem. His organzation had 3 bottlenecks.  One i n the inability to grow due to lack of talent on their team.  The other was there was a lack of why i n this business model.  They had lost their way.  And by doing that also lost the passion in telling the story.  During this time it became how important the VISION is to leading both the growth of the comppany and talent to the organization.

Mar 12, 1:00PM EDT0
What kind of marketing and sales plans do you have for your own business?
Mar 11, 5:25PM EDT0

We eat our own cooking at IDIC.  We too use our own Blueprint.  Which given the nature of our business is easy enough to apply in detail.

Mar 11, 6:31PM EDT0
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