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Michael Marra
Apr 10, 2018

Ask me any question about a business idea or if you're struggling to get started or grow your startup. Since there have been a lot of entrepreneurs in my community looking for some 1-on-1 mentoring to help them start and grow a business, I wanted to offer up my own time to help out.  This is for anyone interested in starting a business or is stuck in the process of their startup.

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What skills do you develop as an entrepreneur that help you in other areas of your life?
Apr 17, 1:33AM EDT0
How important is a public image? How do you develop a public image of a company?
Apr 16, 9:46PM EDT0
How many buisnesses are you partially responsible for constructing? What are some of the biggest names you helped?
Apr 16, 10:31AM EDT0
What is the workload of developing your own business? Would you say that the outcome is usually worth the work put in?
Apr 15, 6:36PM EDT0

It depends, because you can work really really hard at the wrong thing or the wrong way. It is way better to work smart and optimize your time and productivity than working hard.

Apr 15, 10:01PM EDT0
What cultural factors play a role in startup companies and how have you seen this change over the years you have been in your career?
Apr 14, 6:32AM EDT0

Company cultures are definitely changing... Companies need to realize what the next generation wants as far as a working environment and it's not a 9-5 cubical.

Apr 15, 10:00PM EDT0
How often do you see projects at ME group that do not turn out well and how many ideas do you think it takes before you reach a golden one?
Apr 14, 1:54AM EDT0

We are always experimenting with new ideas and projects, it's just continuing to ask our users what they want and trying to find a way to deliver it. 

Apr 15, 9:58PM EDT0
What are the critical skills an entrepreneur must have and what are the useful skills an entrepreneur can use to get ahead?
Apr 13, 7:13AM EDT0

The most critical skills, in my opinion, are persistence, awareness, action, adaptiveness, and belief.

Apr 15, 9:57PM EDT0

How important is it to predict trends and how have you used this idea to help gain success?

Apr 13, 6:16AM EDT0

You should always be looking at trends in your industry and adapting to new technology and also just changes in the world.  First movers have a huge advantage

Last edited @ Apr 15, 9:54PM EDT.
Apr 15, 9:52PM EDT0
What are the biggest indications that the idea you have is not a good one?
Apr 12, 2:34AM EDT0

If you have people interested in it and/or willing to pay money for what you are doing.

Apr 15, 9:51PM EDT0
What is the most important thing to pay attention to when making a calculated risk in starting a new business?
Apr 11, 7:45AM EDT0

How happy are you now in your current situation vs how you would feel if you were starting this business.  Would you be upset if you look back when you're older and didn't start a business?

Apr 11, 5:25PM EDT0
What are some of the biggest threats to the success of a start-up?
Apr 10, 4:28PM EDT0

Not understanding what your users/customers want

Apr 11, 5:23PM EDT0
If you sold your company today, what would be the tone of the conversation? What would you want to gain? What would you want to avoid losing?
Apr 10, 3:24PM EDT0

I wouldn't sell :)

Apr 11, 5:22PM EDT0
How should an entrepreneur use LinkedIn to advance his or her business?
Apr 10, 7:17AM EDT0

They should use it to find mentors, partners, etc. although it is not necessarily ideal for startups.. you can definitely find people to connect with and even potential clients if you use your existing network.

Apr 11, 5:22PM EDT0
What process do you use to develop talent, and how have you helped people grow to the next level and be their best?
Apr 10, 6:18AM EDT0

understanding depth of vision. Making sure they continue to learn, change, adapt and stay curious are the main things we focus on.

Apr 11, 5:20PM EDT0
What is your opinion of the start up industry in China particularly in the Greater Bay?
Apr 10, 4:47AM EDT0

China has a lot of potential right now. The bay area always attracts big money but the startup scene is starting to globalize and the bay area is not going to be nearly as dominant going forward

Apr 11, 5:19PM EDT0
What's the most important thing you're working on right now, and how are you making it happen?
Apr 10, 2:56AM EDT0

My social network for entrepreneurs, launching app soon.

Apr 11, 5:18PM EDT0
What major role do cryptocurrencies play in today's start up industry?
Apr 9, 10:52PM EDT1

Crypto, Blockchain, and other distributed technologies are definitely going to be completely changing they way most businesses operate. However, many of the existing cryptos will not be around in the coming years... most are completely worthless but there will be a few massive companies coming out of this revolution. 

Apr 9, 11:53PM EDT0
What are the common mistakes made by new entrepreneurs?
Apr 9, 9:41PM EDT1

They spend too much time developing a business plan instead of actually starting their business.

Apr 9, 11:50PM EDT0
What were you doing before you were the CEO of ME Group?
Apr 9, 12:43PM EDT0

I used to be a Civil Engineer, then got into Real Estate and Marketing. Now my main focus is ME Group and building the largest network of Entrepreneurs.

Apr 9, 3:48PM EDT0
What is ME Group all about? What do you do as its CEO?
Apr 9, 12:16PM EDT0

ME Group is a network and platform for entrepreneurs. You can learn more and join for free here-

Apr 9, 3:47PM EDT0
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