#AMA Ask Me Anything! Am Here To Help You. Share your ideas with me and ask me questions on how such an idea can be manifested to its full potential.

Atapo Christopher Newlife
Dec 2, 2017

Do you have an idea about something you want to do but don't know how to start, or you're eager to do something but don't know what exactly to delve into? Worry no more! Am here to discourse with you, and share some smart thought that may really help you.

If you are a writer, I can teach you how you can get an eBook for your book, and how you can get it published, even to the extent of generating income with it.

If you're doing something and you want to be known by the generality out there, i may have some workable clue for you which you could adopt.

Just ask me and know the how!


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What do you think people should have to become happy?

Dec 9, 6:33PM EST0

What do you think is the most significant role of a writer?

Dec 9, 10:45AM EST0

Do you have an insight on how to get out of debts?

Dec 8, 10:42PM EST0

I don't know the magnitude of your debt. But if its something big, you can start refunding gradually, perhaps, 10℅ more or less of the today amount, and in agreement with the debtee.

Payment can be done monthly or quarterly, depending on when you receive salary.

Dec 9, 5:33AM EST0

Is there anything you would like to share as a host?

Dec 8, 6:19PM EST0

I like to say that, there's no ideas you have that can't be converted into actuality. Any idea you have has to start somewhere. Basically, to make it big, it begins from a small start. You may not have all the resources you need to make it big, but you can make do with the very little you have.

Make all the effort you could, you may likely attract an investor or a partner to support your vision...

Dec 9, 5:41AM EST0

What do you think is the best way to publish an ebook?

Dec 8, 6:33AM EST0

Once your eBook is ready, make publicity about it, and make it available on the various online stores or one your website.

Endeavour to ready through some questions and responses posted earlier, you may get more insight on how to go about it.

Dec 9, 5:44AM EST0

Do you play any musical instruments? If so - which ones?

Dec 7, 8:04PM EST0

Piano, violin, acoustic guitar, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone, clarinet, saxophone, and the recorder.

Dec 9, 5:45AM EST0

I have several ideas for the novel but I don't know where to start. Could you give me some advice?

Dec 7, 11:03AM EST0

If you've got some ideas then start writing.

What ideas do you have and what basically, would you want to talk about?

Get a unique title for your book, develop subtitles relevant to what you want to write about, then put down those ideas into writing.

Once you're done, get your book to an editor. Afterwards, do some launching if you want, and get your book to some publishers.

Finally your book is out for marketing!

Dec 9, 5:51AM EST0

How can I make a profit in online business applications?

Dec 5, 3:04AM EST0

Apparently, it depends on which aspect you're delving into.

However, the website below may be of great help to you to some extent.

Go to; www.wix.com/blog

Dec 9, 7:44AM EST0

What is the hardest question that has thrown unto you?

Dec 4, 12:14PM EST0

I think, there's not really been any, except for the one asking me to tell him his current I.p address. Its amazing!

Dec 4, 4:47PM EST0

What is the best advice you have given to a student?

Dec 4, 8:10AM EST0

"Believe in your self, cuz you could do anything." Also, the other would be, "study, study, and study cuz that's the best you've got to do right now as a student."

Dec 4, 4:50PM EST0

As a writer in which genres do you write?

Dec 4, 12:30AM EST0

Basically, I specialize in "inspiration and motivation."

Dec 4, 4:52PM EST0

What percentage can you promise to give for income generation of an early stage business?

Dec 3, 9:13PM EST0

Apparently, I should know about what business it is that you intend delving into before making any offer, if I should!

Dec 4, 4:55PM EST0

what is my i.p address

Dec 3, 8:17PM EST0

How certain are you that i should know your IP address? To be specific, i am not using a device that would display your IP address right now. Sorry about that.

Thanks a lot!

Dec 4, 5:00PM EST0

How do writers get income from their work if all their books can be read electronically online?

Dec 3, 7:30PM EST0

They actually convert their books to an eBook format, which can be sold that way. You pay to download any of the ebooks except for the once given out for free.

You can check out some of mine here;


Dec 4, 5:05PM EST0

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have a hobby?

Dec 3, 6:44PM EST0

My spare time basically would be used for sourcing out relevant information that will enhance my personal development. Also, it can be used for writing, sing and performing some of my musical instruments.

Some of my hobby would be singing, reading, writing, teaching, and visiting.

Dec 5, 8:27AM EST0

How long have you been a teacher? What subject do you teach?

Dec 3, 2:14PM EST0

I've been teaching for over 7 years. My concentration is music, so that is what I teach: Music Theory and Performance

Dec 5, 8:29AM EST0

I design clothes and I would like to release my collection. How can I start to cooperate with a store?

Dec 3, 1:51PM EST0

Its simple but demands your willingness and activeness.

You can start by making approach to the few stores you think would been interested in your collections. Show them what you've got, and bargain a favourable price with them. Also, ensure that your collections are of the good quality, unique and compelling.

I hope this helps!

Dec 5, 8:35AM EST0

What are the songs pleasing to your ears, Rock or mellow songs?

Dec 3, 1:43PM EST0

I would say classical music, country, blues, RnB, and few others!

Dec 5, 8:37AM EST0

Are you a successful entrepreneur or do you just love to give advice?

Dec 3, 1:28PM EST0

Mmmmm, well, in my field I can say I am to some extent. I also delight so much in advising others.

Dec 5, 8:39AM EST0

Do you have a business? What do you do for a living?

Dec 3, 10:47AM EST0

I run a music organization, also, apart from writing, i work as a music teacher in schools, churches and individuals.

Dec 5, 8:41AM EST0
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