AMA: Inspiring women to start their own businesses.

Vaera Journeys: Because women are brilliant. Women are strong. Women are courages, nurturing, powerful, and about a million other amazing adjectives. But women also LOVE to help other women succeed. There is more than enough room for all of us at the top, and women …

Quit Wasting Money on Bad SEO & Marketing Tips for Your Small Business - Ask Me Anything

Craig Andrews: We don't do organic social media. The reach is almost nill. Our approach to social is it is a different place to get traffic. You need to handle that traffic different than paid search because the context is different. Bottom line, all campaigns, soc…

AMA: Small Business Founder, Wine, and E-commerce.

Mark Aselstine: Probably too numerous to count.  Given that we opened without ever having sold anything online, or having ever sold a bottle of wine.....we had to be pretty open minded about everything from the start.

I am Dr. Bradley Poppie, a serial entrepreneur and founder of a dress apparel line for the modern muscular athlete - I want to bring fitness and fashion together by providing classic apparel for the fit body. - #AMA

Dr. Brad Poppie: An ill-fitting garment can make or break how you feel about yourself.  If you don't feel as though you look good, then you dont - period.  When you feel good about how you look, you shine.  That is one of the driving forces behind Bradley Allen.  I w…

I have been a Digital Marketing Strategist for 10 years. Four years ago I pivoted to specializing in growth by leveraging digital tools to explode through business goals - ask me anything!

Selina Bradley: Okay, folks, thanks for participating in my AMA!  Feel free to connect with me -- I'm friendly! 

Classroom to Boardroom: Running a Startup in College with NXTSTOR LLC & Mike Gargasz, AMA!

Mike Gargasz: While we haven't been around quite long enough to give exact numbers, the lack of infrastructure that comes with our business model (we don't actually own any of the spaces) is leading to a much higher ROI compared to traditional self-storage facilit…
Jun 18, 2018

Are you positioned for career success? I am Kiana L. Wilson, The Career Catalyst! I coach workplace professionals on effectively navigating their careers and positioning themselves for success. Ask me anything!

encognito8: Hi LuisAB0, Private coaching is done virtually, via phone. In some cases, depending on the situation, email coaching may also be an option. However, coaching services for organizational clients are limited to in-person, phone or Skype options. Stay S…

Struggling to get results in your business? I'm a success & mindset coach to online entrepreneurs. Ask me anything about overcoming doubt, fear, and confusion in your business.

Melissa Fitzhugh: Hi Mayura. Unfortunately, this is not an area I have expertise in. I'm primarily a mindset coach, helping entrepreneurs overcome their feelings of inadequacy, fear, guilt, and overwhelm. That being said, I would say owners should involve themselves a…
Jun 22, 2018

I recently co-founded a travel gear social enterprise. AMA about responsible travel, creating a social impact through business, or travel backpacks!

Anika Funk: This is an excellent question, Gary! One interesting example is that of Bhutan's daily sustainable development fee, which is incorporated into the cost of travellers’ visits. It supports education, poverty alleviation, healthcare, and offsetting the …

AMA's New York and New Jersey Labor and Employment Partner, Alex Umansky, at the Law Offices of Yuriy Moshes; Focusing on Employment and Workplace Race, Gender, Disability, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, Criminal Background Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Wage and Overtime Violations. The most common complaints are of workplace bullying and harassment.  Unfortunately, harassment and bullying in it of itself is not illegal.  The facts need to support that the victim is part of a protected class and negative actions have been taken …
Jun 20, 2018

Ever heard of Music Therapy? Art Therapy? Expressive Art Therapy? I am recovering from alcohol addiction and building a new life for myself in part because of these practices. I believe these forms of therapy and the creative process can activate the autonomous healer within. This catalyzes a more successful healing process and provides lifelong coping skills... not to mention, a more fun existence! Ask me anything

Courtney Rose: This is a cool question. So I have been writing poetry since I was 10 years old. It seems to be the most organic medium for me. I was writing about ethical dilemmas and existential questions right off the bat. I have been a deep thinker my whole life…

From The Ground Up: How we built a business to compete with the big hitters - AMA!

AccountsLegal: We offer everything from statutory accounts, bookkeeping, payroll and online accounting to tax advisory on corporation tax, self-assessment tax returns, VAT, capital gains tax and corporation tax, too. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for …

Retired promotional model. Traded in the glitz and the glam for ostrich farming. Ask me Anything why ostrich oil is liquid gold!

Rachel Kwasniak: Aids in the relief of: Acne, Cystic acne, Eczema, Rosacea, Diaper rash, Bites, Sunburn, Bacterial infections, Fungal issues, High cholesterol, Auto Immune, just to name a few. Ostrich oil is an antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, non pore …
Jun 23, 2018

I'm Mike Sims and I teach entrepreneurs how to build startups using lean methodology. Ask me anything!

Mike Sims: We have designers on our team that build pitch decks under the guidance of our startup consultants. The startup consultants on our team are extremely hands on in their learning approach. We attend pitch events and identify the strengths of those that…

World-breaking record: 1,000,000 words in 2 years! Stella Purple, bestselling AUTHOR, international award-winning GRAPHIC DESIGNER and ENTREPRENEUR. AMA about the ups and downs of indie-publishing, how a FULL-TIME author bought her first house!

Stella Purple: Amazon, no doubt.

I am a Marketing Strategist & Creative Project Manager, I help entrepreneurs and startups launch and grow with a strong positioning and unique design. Ask me anything!

Priscila Mesquita: Hi Monji, thanks for your question! It's difficult to tell without knowing the segment, target audience, and company stage. In general, I always recommend starting with around 60-80% inbound and 20-40% outbound. The reason why? Your brand needs a lit…
Jun 20, 2018

What does it take to thrive as a working artist? My name is Cherie Altea aka @thejarofsalt, a busy painter who built an art career online and sells. AMA.

Cherie Altea: I haven't had enough experience in this area just yet but I adore and am inspired by the bold and colorful work of the Finnish designs of Marimekko! :)

I'm 17 and I started a business, Happi Headware, a headband company dedicated to creating fashionable and functional solutions. I took it from idea to product in six months and continue to grow my business while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. AMA!

Alyssa Feinberg: I think it comes from just being creative and wanting to share my interests with everyone! My mom is a freelancer running her own business, so I think I've gotten some of her drive and spirit which has turned into Happi Headware.

My name is Seppo Helava. I developed and designed one of the longest-lasting, most successful games on iOS/Android, and did it by building a company that innovated faster than our competition. Ask me anything!

Seppo Helava: Ha! I have no idea. Almost nothing I've ever worked on has been anticipated prior to its release, so I don't know if I have a good answer for that. What I think would be a really useful question for people to ask developers, though, is "Why does this…
Jun 22, 2018

My name is Ash Turner, I've massed over $166M of affiliate sales for merchants with an online tech start-up in the cell phone trade-in niche simply by understanding how to rank in Google. Ask me anything!

BankMyCell: That's an interesting question! SO I’m going to go in on it a little bit I think for me it's the fact that everything is more measurable depending on your KPI's. For example, I know that if I do an outreach campaign I can view referral traffic inform…
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